This is ten percent luckTwenty percent skillFifteen percent focused power that willFive percent pleasureFifty percent painAnd a hundreds percent reason to remember the nameTo mental the surname <4x>To mental <4x>The nameNameLet"s walk <2x>(Name) Concentrated power ofLet"s walk <3x>To remember the name <4x>To psychic <4x>The nameNameLet"s walk <2x>Concentrated power of <2x>Concentrated <4x>Concentrated power ofName <2x>Doesn"t require his name up in lightsHe just wants to be heardWhether it"s the beat or the micHe feels for this reason unlike everybody else, aloneIn despite the of the factThat some people still think the they recognize himBut crap "em<2x>NameLet"s go <2x>(Name) Concentrated power ofLet"s walk <3x>To remember the surname <4x>To mental <4x>The nameNameLet"s go <2x>Concentrated strength of <2x>Concentrated <4x>Concentrated power ofName <2x>

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