This procedure is indigenous a 2001 F-150 v power door lock problems. This write-up shows you how to change your door lock actuator. This write-up should use to 1997-2003 F-150 pickups, but could additionally apply to other models and also other years of trucks.

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Tools Required

3/16, #2 Phillips, 1/8 screwdriversT25 torx1/4, 7/16, 10mm socketsratchets to fit

Door Lock Actuator remove Instructions

For starters, be certain the window is in the increase position, and also disconnect the an unfavorable battery cable from the battery. Safety first!

Next, eliminate the door panel. Remove the vertical panel by pulling right out (already removed in this picture). Then, eliminate the door manage cover and also panel through the regulate buttons. These just pull out, because that the move panel, pry at it native the front finish of it. Then, remove the two screws, one in ~ the height rear the the panel, and one just near the prior of the inside door handle.


Remove the electrical connectors from button panel. Then very closely lift entire panel. Usage caution, the cable for the courtesy light is attached. Twist bulb holder 1/4 turn to remove.

In the next photo there is a yellowish object in the middle of the photograph where the lock knob stick connects to. Unlatch and remove the from the actuator. Remove the 7/16 bolt indigenous the bottom that the black rail presented on the right. It"s not important to remove this indigenous the door.


In the following picture, release the cable in ~ the two white points (between the yellow parts), and then eliminate the screw at the back of the door handle. Rotate the cable the end of the method a bit, towards the former of the door.


Remove the external door latch by loosening the 10mm nuts inside door. This is less complicated when the window seal rail is relocated out that the way. After ~ removing the nuts, the latch have the right to be eliminated by tilting the optimal out first. Use treatment not to scratch door. Girlfriend unhook the rod native the black metal circle component just come the right of center in the photo. Girlfriend unlatch indigenous the latch stick on the white plastic piece in the middle (white).


Remove the 3 T25 bolts that organize the latch assembly in place. Rotate around home window rail. Eliminate wires indigenous door lock actuator and the door closed sensor. Notice lock pole is rotated to right.


The door near sensor plug (purple) is an extremely close come actuator, however does not have to be moved.


Unlatch with screwdriver (shown), and work up and off of metal guides (one top top either side of wherein the screwdriver is, two short metal parts).


The actuator ~ above the left is the one I eliminated from the truck, the one top top the best is the replacement. The directly profile is much easier to install, does no interfere with the purple plug.


Reassembly is reverse of disassembly. The is less complicated to install outside door latch prior to tightening the T25 bolts.

Expect this procedure to take approximately 1 hour every door

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