On mine Honda civic DX 2000, the examine Engine irradiate (CEL) has been on for a while, for this reason I lugged the vehicle to AutoZone to have the OBD code read, but I was told the no code is save on computer in the computer.

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Therefore i tried to get the OBD password myself by shorting the business Check Connector (SCC) terminals. The SCC looks favor the tiny connector in the adhering to picture:

(source: instructables.com)

I actually review an OBD code before by using this technique before, so ns am shorting the correct SCC terminals.

However, the following things take place this time.

When I revolve the ignition move to place I, the CEL walk on and then walk off.

When I begin the engine, the CEL is off first. However, when the engine is started and then the engine rate drops a little, 10 seconds, climate the CEL light come on and also does no flash in ~ all.

What can be wrong?

honda civic cel ecu
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Toshimi MinouraToshimi Minoura
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If the photo attached is one actual picture of your vehicle then the OBD port appears to be in two pieces. The blue connector ~ above the best of the photograph have to be clipped right into the main piece together with the other one currently in location on the left.

With only fifty percent a loom connected, you are unlikely to see any kind of OBD codes although I believe surprisingly couple of pins are actually used to transmit error codes.

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answered Jul 24 "15 in ~ 13:30

Steve MatthewsSteve Matthews
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Buy your own reader. Look in ~ the ELM327 bluetooth reader. It"s about $20.

If your examine engine light is ~ above the car had a code. To be honest, this sounds prefer a situation of a human being error. Luckily, Eric the automobile Guy has a video about pulling Honda codes without a scanner.

Watch the video clip and make certain you space doing the correctly:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M5BaAa6tCM

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David WinslowDavid Winslow
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The inspect Engine light flashing ~ above doesn"t necessarily mean that there is miscellaneous wrong yet it might be a great indicator that something is around to go wrong the only problem here is not learning when or which part is around to fail. I understand the anticipation of possibilities is as much fun together watching paint dry for this reason if ns were girlfriend I would take the moment to in ~ least inspect each of her cylinders and also each Fuel Injector for complete spark . You simply might capture it before it goes into complete fault. Remember: when checking because that spark in ~ the coil or at the distributor cap; The line that offers you the strongest electric flow is normally the line leading to the mis-firing cylinder.

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answered january 2 "16 in ~ 3:39

Sam RosarioSam Rosario
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CEL method engine is not burning properly and also it might mean a dozen things. Even without OBD code, you might still settle the an enig by observing the symptoms. Normally symptom is more pronouced in ~ idle. That looks favor you might have to carry out without the aid of OBD II. Gather more symptoms.

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David XuDavid Xu
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