When your crankshaft place sensor stop working, the can reason all kinds of difficulties for her Silverado. This how-to will show you exactly how to change the sensor.

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This article uses to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800, and GMT900 (1999-2013).

The crankshaft position sensor keeps monitor of the position and also rotations of the crankshaft. That makes it really important for monitoring the health of her engine. When it stop working, you"ll notification quite a few problems, such as the tachometer no much longer showing your revs, you may have actually a rough idle, and hard equipment changes. Sometimes, no one of these things occur, but it still triggers the check engine light. To be sure, take her truck to an auto parts store or mechanic to have actually the trouble code read. When you"re sure that the crankshaft position sensor has actually stopped working, follow the instructions below to change it.


Materials NeededReplacement crankshaft place sensor (ACDelco recommended)Ratchet through 10mm socketLong curved pick (optional)Cloth or paper towelGloves

Step 1 – eliminate the starter

The crankshaft place sensor is nestled under the engine block just above the starter. You"ll find it top top the passenger"s side towards the behind of the engine block. You do not must remove the starter completely, you simply need to move it the end of the way. This will still need you to eliminate the two long bolts on the prior of the starter. As soon as these room removed, the starter must come loose. Collection it aside whereby it will be safe and also out of the way.

Figure 1. Eliminate the starter.

Step 2 – remove the crankshaft position sensor

You need to now be able to see the sensor. Unplug the wiring harness connected to the sensor. Over there is only a solitary bolt the holds it come the engine block. Eliminate that, and then friend should be able to pry the sensor indigenous the engine block. The sensor is bit daunting to pry out by hand, for this reason you may want to use a choose to pry it from the engine block. When it"s removed, be sure to wipe away several of the oil and shavings indigenous the area wherein the sensor plugs into the engine.

Figure 2. Eliminate the crankshaft place sensor.

Step 3 – Install brand-new crankshaft place sensor

Installing the brand-new crankshaft position sensor is simply the turning back of the ahead steps.

Install the sensor to the engine block.Reinsert and tighten the bolt to the sensor.Plug in the electric harness come the sensor.Re-install the starter and also tighten the bolts because that the starter.Run the engine come make sure the sensor functions.

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The examine engine light may not walk off instantly even if the brand-new crankshaft place sensor works properly, but it should go turn off after control for some time. You can also use a code reader to clean the trouble code or disconnect the battery because that a couple of minutes come wipe the computer"s memory.