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Is over there another way to uncover out my gas tanks size other than the hands-on that phone call the dimension of the gas tank? I have a 2001 2500 quad cab lengthy bed 4x4, the manual says 35 gallon, but I can run it under til the gas light come on and the gas pump will kick turn off at 23-24 gallons. If the is a 35 gallon tank for sure, climate what else can be mine problem? i figured it to be either a smaller sized tank than it was claimed to be (prev owner swap) the gauge to be off or the fuel pump was reading wrong. Any aid would be useful.
1996 5.2 4x4-Airaid Intake-Summit 3 customs duals/Magnaflow SIDO muffler-2" spacer with 33"s-B&M trans cooler-4.56"s and track-lock
If thats the situation I may look into gaining a larger or 2nd tank. I can get about 300-320 mi/tank, and also I placed on around 250+ a week just to and also from work. Include that come a grocery trip each week and also trips to see my grandpa in the therapy hospital add nearly 50 an ext together. About here the ideal gas prices space in the morning, it can change 15-20 cents from morning come evening, so weekends room my fill time. It probly is a 26 gal then, I would certainly guess native the gauge the theres 1-2 gal still when it it s okay to that is lowest. Thanks.
Ya mine buddy claimed his manual told that he had actually a 35 gal" tank, yet i have actually read many on evade tanks and also 2001 dodge trucks occasionally do have actually the smaller sized tank. I prefer the huge tank more, i think you would quite it as well.

I"m sure it"s closer come 28/30gal size. Evade has constantly given a 3-5gallon reserve once the fuel light come sell up-sized and bed mountain tanks you right there, it"s one of two people a 26Gal or a 35Gal tank. In your instance it"s the 26 I would certainly guess. Great Luck
I looked in ~ that transfer flow however for $800+ because that those tanks, Ill just buy part sheet metal and also build my own, obtained all the tools we need, ns just end up school because that engineering, and I priced the steel at under $150 needed two make a 100 gal twin tank system. It is probly the course ill go following summer, oh and also thanks for that wedsite about the rams, got some brand-new info bout my truck from it. Cya yall later
Your truck is a 2500-there was no manufacturing facility 26 gallon top top those. It was either 34 gallons for the quick bed or 35 gallons because that the long bed.If you have actually a 26 gallon, someone"s yes, really been messing through things...
thanks dw. Im gonna have to get under it sometime (trying to stop that since its for this reason cold) and also take some dimensions to compare. If someone has actually put on a smaller sized one okay just construct a larger one following summer. If that is 34/35 gal, and also the sensor isnt reading right, then i may just reset mine trip, put a 5 festival container in the bed, and run that til that is empty, then check my miles. Uneven anyone think that could be damagingeven if done just once. Im getting around 320 mi top top a tank, and also have never ever put much more than 24 gal in it, and thats with less than an 1/8 tank. If it is a large tank ns wont it is in trying to run it empty till spring, not wanna go in the cold in situation it not start. I know running it till its empty isnt great on it, but if you every dont think itll hurt the only as soon as i may shot it.thx again
Easier than measuring, crawl underneath to get the part number, then post it below or speak to the dodge dealer for them to lookup.
The just thing about running it dry is that I"ve heard you can pull all the crap in ~ the bottom of your tank into your pump and also clog it. Shot the part number thing first.

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i kinda forgot about that crap in the bottom, i probably would have remembered the by spring and decided not to, but ill shot to get that component number on here tonight, where about should it it is in located?
Remember the fuel pump is lubricated by the fuel. You operation that pump long enough with no fuel and also you"ll burn it up. The fuel pump module is practically 300 bucks together well.
1996 5.2 4x4-Airaid Intake-Summit 3 customs duals/Magnaflow SIDO muffler-2" spacer with 33"s-B&M infectious diseases worldwide cooler-4.56"s and track-lock
heres every the numbers it had:made in mexico 24532CAV152102076-AE52102080-ADI have no idea what any type of of those mean
heres all the numbers it had:made in mexico 24532CAV152102076-AE52102080-ADI have actually no idea what any of those mean
OK, here"s what I deserve to tell you. I switched from a 26 gallon tank come a 34 gallon tank critical January. The # on the 26 gallon to be #52102072-AD and also the 34 gallon is #52102241-AD.My truck"s a brief bed. I"m guessing currently that your tank is 35 gallons. Maybe someone below with a longbed tank have the right to read their numbers? Or speak to the dealer v the 52102080-AD and also see what lock say?


Thanks Diefenbaker, currently I recognize theres miscellaneous wrong with the gauge or the fuel level sensor/pickup/thingy. Have to examine it out sometime. Many thanks again
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