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So, it"s snowing this morning. Went to rotate on the heat and also just get clicking! So, no heat for the front, yet the behind heater functions (thank god). I read around the Temperature regulate Actuator. Ns ordered from absent Auto the Heater blend Door Actuator due to the fact that there to be no alternative for a Temperature regulate Actuator. Anyone know how to take it the dash apart whereby the radio all the method down to the bottom of that panel turn off so i can adjust this? enclosed is a snapshot of the component I ordered. It"s for a 2000 Ford Windstar SEL 3.8L
found this attach on youtube, pretty straight forward: Windstar blend Door Actuator - YouTube
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I have actually the exact same problem, ns tried to eliminate the radio using U-shape tool however even after trying plenty of ours I might not move it. I have watched all the videos and also instruction, yet no use. Is there any kind of other method to eliminate the radio or the whole panel come reach out to actuator. Than you


I had actually this exact same problem and also wound up having actually to carry out it 3 times (the first replacement failed ~ 3 months and that replacement failed ~ a year-the part came v a life time warranty). I eliminated the entire console by removing the screws under the console and removing the cup holder assembly. Once you eliminate the screws, the top portion is linked to the dash making use of plastic "pins". I had actually to carefully work castle out using a flat-head screwdriver. (I broke one ~ above the 2nd install, so be careful). I have actually an "02 Windstar, yet it should be the same.
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Thanks, forgot come update. Did the swap and no luck. Sol no heat, you can hear the flap within trying to switch. Got the dealer to settle it for free since i"ve only had actually the valve a month.

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We gotten rid of the lower panel and drawer under heater. A pair screws and pulled it appart to open and remove the console. No hard.Laying on your back you can see the warm accuator situated on the firewall up near the radio. Over there is a knob that sticks out in the direction of the firewall. This is what is claimed to turn. If you revolve it up v a vice tight it will certainly twist the air to hotter. Us left the vice tight attatched and also stuck it increase so it would certainly not slip. It take it a couple of bumps driving roughly to gain it to stay, therefore don"t placed everything ago together right away. Now we have heat and the defrost works and also we didn"t need to pay for a brand-new accuator. But, we must have pulled ~ above the antennae because the radio just gets one station now... We ripped the radio out with the U tool (pain due to the fact that we thrust it in first...) however the antennae to be still connected. Tomorrows problem...As for the noise (clicking) over there is a connection you deserve to pull out of the actuator and also the noise stops. Quiet haven"t established the stunner ghost dials... :mad2:Good luck! Pam