Is your Camry to run a little rough? has actually your check engine light come on? your knock sensor may have actually gone bad. This is not a terribly difficult DIY job; you can handle it in simply a few minutes. A experienced is walk to operation you plenty to change it, including charging you much more for the part that you can conveniently get yourself. If you have actually the extra time to spend and also don"t mind acquiring a little dirty, you can really walk on the cheap by acquiring to a regional pick and also pull rescue yard and finding a great knock sensor on a scrapped Camry. If that is no your game, you have the right to find brand-new ones online for less than $50. Installation is quite easy, so conserve your money and take this project on in your own garage.

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Materials NeededHydraulic floor jackJack stands27 mm deep fine socket, 12 and 14 mm sockets3/8 or 1/2 ratchet through extensionTorque wrenchDENSO punch sensor (optional)

Step 1 – place on jack stands

Jack up the front finish of her Camry and set it top top the jack stands in ~ the ideal locations ~ above level ground. You may want to location a shop rag or similar on the jack and jack was standing plates to protect the anti-rust undercoating on her frame. Always use jack stands as soon as working underneath any type of vehicle. Making use of a floor jack alone can be dangerous. Make certain that you chock the rear wheels indigenous the front and behind.

Figure 1. Using a rag top top the jack bowl will protect that necessary undercoating on your frame.

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Step 2 – Disconnect battery

Although this action isn"t mandatory, it is always a good idea to disconnect the an adverse (black) battery terminal prior to working on your vehicle, specifically when functioning with electric parts or sensors.

Figure 2. You must make that a exercise of disconnecting the battery before working on your vehicle.

Step 3 – Disconnect wiring harness

Crawl under the car and also you"ll discover the hit sensor top top the behind side of the engine to the right of the exhaust pipe just listed below the entry manifold. There is a brace that might need to it is in removed. That takes a 12 and a 14mm socket to remove both bolts. It come off quite easily; collection it aside. Reach up in there over the sensor plug and also disconnect the wiring harness. It might be challenging to pinch the connection clip, for this reason a pair of needle nose pliers might be necessary. Pull off the connector.

Figure 3. Locate the knock sensor just under the entry manifold alongside the exhaust pipe.

Step 4 – remove sensor

The really sensor is oriented in ~ an upwards angle. The is a little bit odd obtaining the 27 mm socket on the from below the vehicle, so girlfriend will need to play v it a bit. That is more than likely going come be simpler putting the socket on the extension first, gaining it seated all the way, and then connecting the ratchet come the extension. This is the most an overwhelming part the the job. This sensor is torqued on really tight and the engine heating and cooling doesn"t aid in your pursuit to remove it. You may want to usage a breaker bar if friend have enough room, or a lead pipe over the handle of your ratchet will certainly help.

Please make sure that your automobile is securely ~ above the jack stands, and also then give it your best shot to remove this sensor. You will have to wrench on it yes, really hard. If yours come off yes, really easily, well, that can have been your problem. You have the right to torque it back down tight and see if your vehicle still throws the error code. You probably won"t it is in so happy anyway!

Figure 4. Make certain you correctly seat the socket onto the punch sensor.

Step 5 – Install brand-new sensor

Insert the brand-new sensor right into the block; you have to hand tighten it first. Stripping the object is no fun and, because this is oriented in one odd fashion indigenous under the vehicle, hand starting it is a very good idea. It should screw in pretty easily and also you must not must use Loctite ~ above the threads as you will be torquing this to 32 ft./lbs.

Figure 5. Toyota OEM hit sensor from DENSO has a much much more favorable response from Camry owners.

Step 6 – Reconnect wiring harness

Once you have the brand-new knock sensor torqued in properly, reconnect the wiring harness. (If you had actually to remove the intake manifold brace, replace it now). Autumn the car and also re-connect the battery. The check engine irradiate code should clear and the warning light should turn off. Take it the automobile for a spin. It need to run 100 percent far better than before.

Make sure the light does not come ago on. If that does, you most likely have more than one error code than simply the sensor. The wiring harness could be shorted the end somewhere. This will require more extensive occupational from over the engine to trace the wires back from the sensor and also replace them as well.

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Figure 6. Reconnect the wiring harness.

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