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I have looked high and low to discover the location of the CKP on mine 2000 sonata gls 2.5l. Several folks have had difficulties with them and replaced it yet never said where that was. I found one diagram that pointed to the CAMshaft sensor. $100.00 dollars to hyundai later I uncovered that out. The chart on reflects the dorn motor. It shows it in the middle of the drive belt. I have read other short articles where world thought it was there under the cover beside the timing belt; however were wrong. Seems like it would be somewhere you don"t have to take fifty percent the engine apart to with it. Many thanks for any aid you may have. Jason in FL :liebe011:
I found it! :beer: For future referral on a 1999 thru 2001 2.5L Sonata the Crankshaft position Sensor or "CKP" is 3 inches above the starter motor. Indigenous under the vehicle drivers side I had the ability to drop the plastic cover, remove the Starter warmth shield and also get a 10mm socket in over there to loose the bolt that holds in right into the block without removing the starter; friend can"t watch it yet you can feel it. Appears that the wires run really close come the exhaust; it melted all 3 together; exactly how it to be still working at all and also did not burn up mine ECU is beyond me. That WAS not behind the time chain cover together others here have said. Hyundai company site mirrors it under the time cover so i guess that’s why human being report that. Many thanks for the aid Hyundai! :bwekk: an excellent luck! Jason
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which engine us playing v ??2.4L2.5/2.7L V6 I have actually a pile of pics that the 2.4L,, simply did 1 yesterday (Fri 12/23).. Took my time, to be done in 2 1/2 hr. Piece of cake.
engine size" crate on your personal profile page.
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Couldn"t traction the ckp sensor out. For this reason I placed pliers top top it and also tore it up! It would wiggle simply a hair but wouldn"t bulge. The item shattered once I put pliers top top it and now a item is tho stuck. That is one awkward, tight place to occupational in. Perhaps mine was simply old and also rotted. The wires crumbled to the touch. Currently I require to acquire the remainder of it the end of the block.
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