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My VSC Trac, Trac Off and also Check Engine lights all come on today. My mam was driving therefore I"m not certain if castle all come on at the very same time or not. I plan to take it to the dealer next Tuesday to have actually it checked. This is quite disappointing because this problem has been seen all the means back come the very first model year. Would have thought Toyota can have established a irreversible fix by now, especially because they walk a young re-spin on the 2005"s.My wife plans to take it it with our 3 young children around 90 miles from home before I can gain it checked. Has actually anybody had any type of problems pertained to these lights comes on that have to make her re-consider driving therefore far?Any concepts or recommendations?Thanks,Pete
Hey, welcome to the "My TRAC/VSC/CEL lights space on" Club!!! just kidding, appears to be a fair amount of us that this has happened to.....I"ve owned my 01 Seq. 10 work now and also my TRAC/VSC lights come on double last week. Since I topped off my brake fluid, they"ve behaved. Offered that, your CEL is likewise on.....mine was not. If the engine ECU has actually a fault password stored and lights the CEL (ie, bad 02 sensor, gas cap no tight, faulty reading from one of around 100 various sensors in the engine), that will additionally disable the TRAC/VSC as I know it. That"ll offer you some food for thought..........Now, someone that knows more than ns do, please assist this guy outBen
Have a look at the TSBsThere is a TSB because that the VSC lite comes on. I"m not certain if the covers the 05 models, however I believe the mechanism is the very same as the previously ones therefore it would make feeling if that does. Speak to her dealer. Mine lites came on periodically when the Sequoia (03) had actually less 보다 10k, yet haven"t viewed one since -- we"re at 31k now. I have not had the TSB occupational performed due to the fact that the lites haven"t which for quite awhile.Cheers,John
Thanks John and also Ben. I have actually an appointment on Tuesday so hope they"ll have a permanent fix because that it.Pete
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Pete,My dealer said me mine pads required replacing, so i posted a concern for a 2nd opinion. The reply included some nice-to-know details on the VSC lite -- inspect out this thread: a topic search for the VSC. It"s been discussed numerous times, and also I"m sure you"ll uncover some valuable info, together I have. This forum is terrific source.Good luck,John
Thanks John,I didn"t understand worn pads could set this off. I don"t think this is concerned my problem though since I only have about 1000 mile 50/50 city/highway. I additionally need to see why the CEL is on due to the fact that I believed this was usually an ext to do with emissions connected failures.Pete

Wow, a 2005 with 1k miles and also you"re having actually this problem? the sucks. My knowledge from all the subject I"ve review is that when your CEL go off, it will cause your VSC/TRAC lights. So it might be the well known O2 sensors tripping your CEL, but with only 1k miles i wouldn"t think they"d be bad already(unless you obtained a dud). Really likely could be your gas lid wasn"t/isn"t screwed on all the way, which sets turn off a CEL. Examine to make certain it"s top top right. ~ a few trips the CEL must go away by chin though. (funny story, my friend has actually a BMW and every time his wife puts gas in the she can"t it seems to be ~ to placed the cap on correctly. Through the BMW"s, the CEL will just go away if you clean the code;they"ve been to the dealer 3 times just for this basic mistake)I am hoping in your situation it"s something straightforward like the gas cap. V a brand brand-new vehicle, girlfriend shouldn"t be having actually these kinds of troubles. An excellent luck./Mike
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