With gas at $4/gallon, the idea the towing a Star with a Ford to escape 4-cylinder gas-electric hybrid car seems much less bone-headed than it offered to. At virtually 100,000 miles and with about 25,000 miles of towing, I believed it to be time come share the endure in hopes that others will consider this option. I should admit that pulling a 2,500 lb rig v a vehicle rated in ~ 1,000 lb towing volume seems choose a warranty buster at very first glance, however my engineering instinct started to question the towing rating. Since the V6 gas version of the same car has a 3,500 lb towing capacity, climate it is just a issue of horsepower, not braking or handling. The 4-cylinder gas-electric hybrid has nearly V6 power for acceleration, it just doesn’t have actually the power for continual towing much above 65 mph.

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Now here are some maintenance highlights the are regularly not taken into consideration in selecting a hybrid vehicle. No all hybrids usage the exact same technology, however the Ford to escape Hybrid provides the same an innovation as the Toyota Prius. The infection is continuously variable, however unlike a standard CVT, the hybrid automobile uses a single planetary gear set in mix with two electric motor/generators to carry out seamless power carry from the gas engine come the journey shaft. These gears are always engaged, even in reverse or once the engine is stopped. That is the clever use of these motor/generators that offers the optimum ratio between the engine speed and the journey speed. The absence of a torque converter, clutches and also shifting provides very durable and efficient transmission. On my cross-country trek come Vancouver because that the phibìc Americans, i never had actually to use the brakes ~ above the down grades. I just slipped the transmission right into low equipment at any type of speed. Low gear is misleading due to the fact that there is no gear readjust – only raised battery charging. However if the battery is fully charged, then engine braking is activated through a smooth yet noticeable boost in engine RPM. I still have the initial brake pads ~ 100,000 miles as result of regenerative braking. Also, the manufacturing facility recommended maintenance interval for oil change, etc. Is every 10,000 miles whereas for the gas design equivalent, the is every 5,000 miles. I am totally confident that I will certainly get an additional 100,000 mile of trouble-free usage from this vehicle.


The Ford Escape has a an intricate MPG indicator v a line graph the updates every minute. V that type of data, you have the right to instantly watch the affect of hills, headwinds, tailwinds, A/C and, that course, the big one – highway speed. I get about 22-23 MPG towing at about 65 mph. If I have actually the patience and guts to journey 55 mph, climate the towing MPG goes up to around 27 MPG. Non-towing usage is about 30 MPG (35+ MPG v conservative driving – not negative for one all-wheel journey SUV). City usage is far better than highway. For towing, I just keep my eye ~ above the tachometer and also MPG indicator to be certain I am not over-taxing the engine. If I’m hosted up in traffic, it is a good stress reliever to understand that mine MPG will certainly improve.

The 2009 Ford escape Hybrid has about 15% much more horsepower. If you desire blistering power in a hybrid tow vehicle, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid has about 50% an ext horsepower and a tow rating of 3,500 lbs through an superior MPG rating only around 10% less than the Ford to escape Hybrid. Intend to wait 6 months or longer for distribution of a brand-new hybrid tow vehicle. However, ns wouldn’t hesitate to buy used, if girlfriend can discover one.

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I hope this generates part interest. If you’re searching for a solitary vehicle that gets the towing task done and can get an excellent mileage in the non-towing environment, i can’t think of a much better choice than the Ford escape Hybrid. Simply throw top top a course 3 hitch, use man-made oil, and also stick v the 10,000 mile maintain schedule, also if her dealer tries to to convince you otherwise. Oh yes, and also ditch the roof rack – too lot wind resistance.