Quite regularly the stock F-series strength steering pumps will begin whining worse than it typically does, which method it"s time to adjust it out. Changing out the pump may not avoid the whining completely, but should help dramatically. Read on to discover the finer details that the operation.

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This article uses to the F-150 (1987-1996).

The power steering pump offers the brute force via hydraulic press to assist turn the wheels left or right. When it goes the end or starts do an unbearable lot of noise, installing a brand-new pump is your just choice. An altering it out isn"t very hard, it just takes some time, a tiny patience, and also at the very least one devoted tool.


Materials NeededBasic device setPulley removal/install device (Harbor Freight Item#: 40749 - can be found at many places)ScrewdriverDrain pan2-3 quarts form F ATF fluidJack and jack stands

According to many posts found ~ above the forum, there is a Saginaw pump which is a swap for the OEM pump. This pump will carry out quiet operation for a long time come come and should be considered when the need arises to change out the strength steering pump. Detect one may be problematic, however well worth the trouble. They deserve to be had actually from vans v the same engine and A/C construction (either v or without, depending upon what friend have). You"ll require the bracket as well as the high pressure hose to make it work. Also, if the hasn"t to be done in a while, think about replacing the serpentine belt, you will be taking it turn off to execute this anyway. You"ll also want to flush the power steering fluid to save the guarantee of the new pump intact.

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Step 1 – Clear strength steering pump area

Using a level tip driver to relax the hose clamps in ~ each end of the intake hoses, then remove the entry hoses. Place the boxed end of a 15mm wrench top top the tensioner pulley (Figure 1), turning it counterclockwise to loosen the serpentine belt. Traction the serpentine belt off of the tensioner pulley, then enable the pulley-block to move into the relaxed position. Finish removing the serpentine belt, by sliding it from the various other pulleys. Top top the main point support, remove the 2 friction connectors, which hold the forward air ducting in place, then eliminate the waiting ducting indigenous the air filter box. Remove the two bolts stop the pan shroud in place, then slide the shroud towards the passenger next of the auto to permit room to strike the strength steering pump pulley.

Figure 1. Serpentine belt removal.
Pro Tip

If over there no longer is a routing overview for the serpentine belt top top the core support, take it a pair pictures of the belt routing with your cabinet phone. This have the right to save a most time once putting things ago together and also you cannot quickly figure out the routing.

Step 2 – remove power steering pump pulley

Assemble the sheave removal device on the front of the strength steering pump pulley (Figure 2). In the picture, the sheave is off of the power steering pump in order to show detail of exactly how to assemble the tool.

Figure 2. Pulley removal device assembly.

Using a lengthy open finish or flexible wrench, fit the on the base of the sheave removal tool, with the other finish resting on the framework of the truck. Use a ratchet and correct dimension socket for the screw top top the wheel removal tool (Figure 3). Turn the ratchet clockwise come tighten and also begin the remove process. The pulley may be difficult to begin pulling turn off of the pump shaft, however once that starts moving, the becomes much easier. Continue with this till the pulley-block is completely removed from the pump shaft.

Figure 3. Pulley removal.

Step 3 – remove pump

Place the drain pan under the car to catch any fluid which may escape from the strength steering lines. Loosen the pressure side power steering line at the pump. Continue to unscrew it till it comes free of the pump. Disconnect the return hose from the pump. Location both of this hoses appropriately to drain into the drain pan. Eliminate the 3 bolts, which attach the pump come the clip (Figure 4), and remove the pump. Drain the liquid in the reservoir into the drain pan to prevent spillage.

Figure 4. Pump removal.

Step 4 – Install brand-new pump

Place the brand-new pump right into position and install the three mounting bolts. Most power steering kit come with brand-new O-rings for the high pressure hose. Download those now. Reconnect the high pressure side hose, however leave the return heat hanging. This is to enable the do the washing up of the power steering device to occur. Place the wheel onto the shaft of the strength steering pump as much as it will go without trying to force it. In the wheel removal device kit there should be an environment bolt and also threaded collet (or maybe nut and washer). Assemble the surroundings bolt and collet together so the collet is every the method onto the base of the bolt. Screw the surroundings bolt with collet right into the pump shaft until the bottoms. The is essential to bottom the bolt so regarding not cause damage come the object of the shaft during pulley installation. Holding the pulley, screw the collet so it fully engages the pulley-block face. Using the correct size combination wrenches because that both surroundings bolt and also collet, start transforming the collet clockwise to press the pulley-block onto the shaft (Figure 5). Proceed pressing pulley-block onto pump pillar until the former of the pulley is flush through the shaft. This must be in ~ the point where the collet bottom out.

Figure 5. Pulley-block installation.

Step 5 – Reassembly

Move the pan shroud ago into position and re-install the 2 bolts to host it into place properly. Download the serpentine belt. If the belt routing has slipped her mind, monitor the routing guide that must be located on the core assistance (or image if you occurred to snap them during disassembly). Host off on installing the input ducting until action 6.

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Step 6 – Flush power steering system

Fill the reservoir with brand-new fluid. Jack the prior of the truck up therefore the former tires room off the ground and also place securely on jack stands. Ensure the return heat is sharp down right into the drainpipe pan. It may be far better to place the return line into an empty two liter party so regarding contain the fluid as it comes out of the hose. This would avoid the hose from flopping around and making a mess everywhere. Begin the truck and also immediately rotate the steering wheel to the right and left, lock-to-lock several times. This will drain the old liquid out the the steering rack. Once the strength steering pump is empty, automatically shut down the engine. Install the return heat onto the strength steering pump. To fill the power steering pump reservoir through clean fluid once again. Re-install the wait ducting, yet leave the cap off the power steering liquid reservoir. Begin the truck again, rotating the steering wheel numerous times, earlier and forth, indigenous lock-to-lock. Carry out not cramp the steering. Shut the engine off again. Jack the front finish of the vehicle back up and also remove the jack stands, setup the truck back onto the ground. Begin the engine back up and also check liquid for appropriate level; once it has settled, refit the lid to the reservoir.