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Where is the fuel filter located and is this something ns could change out. I likewise have a 97 Pathfinder and that procedure is simple pull the fuel pump fuse shot and start automobile to depressurize mechanism and change filter.Let me know how this is done. 85,000 ~ above the original filter is not an excellent need to obtain it adjusted out asap
its part of the fuel pump situated in tank should be may be to access through vehicle drivers side earlier seat under it there is a hole.
The manuals for my "95 say to remove the fuel pump fuse, and then begin the engine and also run the "till it chokes.

The manuals because that my "95 to speak to eliminate the fuel pump fuse, and also then begin the engine and also run that "till it chokes.
I only have manuals for "87s with "95s.Edit: Oh, I simply noticed that the OP already knew around that procedure.
From a Google search I discovered the tank filter is supposed to it is in a "Lifetime" filter which sounds like a bunch the bull come me. It"s Nissan means of letting the filter acquire clogged and also burn the fuel pump up so they have actually to readjust the totality assembly at the dealership.

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