Here’s photo taken native the Ventilation System ar of the hand-operated that reflects the procedure come remove/replace the blower motor.

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(click on picture to enlarge for far better viewing)

The other repair sections referred to in the removal procedure are as follows. The number ~ the dash is the web page number in the ar e.g. IP-13 = Instrument dashboard section page 13

IP = Instrument Panel

MWI = Meter, Warning desk lamp & Indicator

VTL = Ventilation System

HAC = Heater & air Conditioning manage System

BR = Brake System

It is easier if girlfriend download the individual fix section and then watch them the way.

At the bottom the the document page that opens up for each ar there is a download link. Here’s photo to present where that is.


(click on image to enlarge for far better viewing)

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Matt ns

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Posted: July 25



Remove the Driver Brake Pedal and additionally will assist if you eliminate the Gas pedal.

After the youll place on your ago with flash light youll go underneeth the dash. On her left top side youll se the blower motor.

Remove a screw height left that the blower motor.

Remove plug. ( it can be pain cuz you room upside down)

You must twist the Blower engine Left

This is the an obstacle here. After you remove the Blower motor it will not come ease. Yes is a Dashboard in your means a steering shaft. You require to uncover a means you eliminate the old (bad ) blower motor. Be creative.

After removing the blower motor(old) you need to discover a method to the new one same method with friend Braking the blower motor. That is not simple repair.

Be patient.

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Then reveres everything.

This is the means that ns did it. :)

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