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I"m having an issue (MIL P0302) on our 2012 T&C Touring through a build date in July 2012. I"ve to be to a dealer and he has put the on the laptop and found the exact same thing ns found, # 2 cylinder misfire detected. I mentioned the 2-4-6 cylinder head issue but he believes it"s nothing much more than the ignition coil. No leakdown was performed also though I argued it. Ns left through some disappointment however I"ve purchased a new plug (about 65k on it) and a 5149168-AI ignition coil.My question: What is the physical location of cylinder # 2 as I stand at the prior of the T&C facing the engine (3.6VVT)?Thanks!

The cylinder closest to the passenger next of the van, top top the financial institution of cylinders closest to the radiator is #2.
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They are claimed to operation a leakdown test because that this issue! ns doubt you"ll resolve it through a plug and also coil. Execute you have one more dealer you have the right to work v in the area that can actually check out their TSBs?
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I"d have to say you are spot on...100%. Ns really don"t believe the change of that coil and also all the plugs will certainly make any kind of difference. Thanks for your "2 cents"...halfway completed...trying to be optimistic!
there is a recall extended warranty. Because that the 2012... I have a 2012 tc they sent out me a file saying prolonged to 150k covered...

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Completed the spark plug and also ignition coil tasks and they do no difference (as i expected). Met v the dealer this afternoon and also have a leakdown test reserved for this Thursday. I did point out the TSB...he to be well aware of it...having done a number of head replacements. Thanks to every one of you!

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