The United says Mint has started agree orders for the 24 karat gold 2014 Kennedy half Dollars, specially approve to note the 50th anniversary of the series.

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Following the assassination that President john F. Kennedy ~ above November 22, 1963, regulation was passed which authorized Kennedy to show up on the half dollar. Production for circulation would begin on February 11, 1964, through the first coins made accessible to the general public on in march 24, 1964. The new half dollars were instantly hoarded by the pubic who were passionate to obtain a memento of the the late President.

The Kennedy fifty percent Dollar attributes an obverse portrait design by United claims Mint cook Engraver Gilroy Roberts. The portrait was based upon an currently bust the Kennedy he had prepared because that his presidential medal. The style had incorporated alters performed adhering to an in human meeting with President Kennedy and also later suggestions made through his widow. The reverse design by United says Mint Sculptor Engraver candid Gasparro was based upon the Presidential Seal and also features the heraldic eagle a shield at its breast and talons grasping a bundle the arrows and also olive branch.


The 50th Anniversary 24 Karat gold Kennedy fifty percent Dollar attributes a restored portrait of chairman Kennedy, which brings the obverse the the coin design ago to its initial appearance. The coin carries the twin date that “1964-2014” representing the very first year of the collection and the current date. ~ above the reverse, an indication the the precious steel weight and also purity has actually been added. The “W” mint mark shows up to signify mintage in ~ the West point Mint.

Each coin is struck in 3/4 that a trojan ounce of 24 karat (99.99% pure) gold with a proof finish. The coins have actually a diameter that 1.205 inches (30.61 mm) and thickness of 0.085 inch (2.16 mm), matching the specifications of a standard half dollar.

The coins room encapsulated and packaged in a solitary custom designed, brown mahogany hardwood presentation instance with removable coin well. A certificate that authenticity is also included.

For the start of sales, the coins space priced at $1,240 each. This price might be adjusted throughout the course of sales based upon the average market price that gold. Initial ordering limits of 5 coins per family members for web and phone orders and also one coin per human for retail locations has been imposed.

Retail locations include the gift shops situated at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, the sales respond to at Mint headquarters in Washington DC, and the sales booth at the Chicago world’s Fair that Money organized in Rosemont, Illinois from respectable 5-9, 2014. A complete quantity the 2,500 coins will be in ~ the World’s same of Money, available at a price of 500 coins every day. The continuing to be retail areas will have actually an initial quantity of 500 coins easily accessible and second 100 systems per day because that the first three job after the product launch.

The United claims Mint has actually indicated that an initial list of 40,000 coins will be obtainable for sale through the miscellaneous channels. The Mint will evaluate task during the very first week and also make adjustments come its manufacturing schedule accordingly.

The 24 karat gold Kennedy fifty percent Dollar to represent the 2nd of 3 special assets issued to mark the 50th anniversary that the series. One uncirculated coin set was formerly released containing copper-nickel clad composition half dollars struck in ~ the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. A silver coin collection will be released in the loss containing four 90% silver half dollars special four various finishes.



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