Solid forms are nothing yet solids the consist the 3 dimensions, specific length, breadth, and also height. Solid forms are additionally known together 3D shapes. This solid forms occupy space and are uncovered in ours day-to-day life. Us touch, feel, and also use them. In this fun lesson, girlfriend can inspect out part interactive instances to know much more and shot your hand at fixing a few interesting practice questions at the finish of the page.

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1.What space Solid Shapes?
2.Solid Shapes and also their Properties
3.Faces, Edges, and also Vertices of heavy Shapes
4.FAQs on hard Shapes

What room Solid Shapes?

In mathematics, we study shapes and also their different species and try to use them in genuine life. We will now learn around each solid shape in detail. Solid forms are classified right into several categories. Some of them have curved surfaces; some room in the form of pyramids or prisms.

Solid forms Definition: Solid shapes are three-dimensional shapes that have actually length, breadth, and also height as the three dimensions.


Let us an initial learn around solid shapes with curved surfaces v examples.

Solid Shapes and their Properties

Solid shapes correspond come three-dimensional objects. Watch around! Every various other three-dimensional object, it is in it a laptop, cellphone, an ice-cream cone, balls, etc, are instances of solid shapes. This occupy part space, have length, width and also height. Let's explore species of hard shapes-



A sphere is a hard shape, absolutely round in shape, defined in three-dimensional space. Every suggest on the surface is equidistant native the center.


The table listed below shows the properties of a sphere:

PropertiesSurface AreaVolume
It has no edge or vertices (corners).It has one surface.It is shaped choose a ball and also is perfect symmetrical.All clues on the surface space the very same distance (r) native the center.4πr2(4/3)πr3


A cylinder is a solid shape identified on a three-dimensional plane. It holds 2 parallel bases, one in shape, join by a curved surface(like a tube), at a fixed distance.


The table listed below shows the properties of a cylinder:

PropertiesSurface AreaVolume
It has a flat base and also a level top.It has one bent side.The bases are always congruent and also parallel.It is a three-dimensional object with two similar ends that room either one or oval.2πr (r+h)πr2 h


A cone is a distinctive solid shape defined in a three-dimensional space. It has a flat surface and also a curved surface, pointing in the direction of the top. That is formed by a set of line segments connected from the circular base to a usual point, recognized as the apex or vertex. Based upon how the apex is aligned come the center of the base, a ideal cone or an oblique cone is formed.


The table below shows the nature of a cone wherein r denotes radius, h to represent height and also s to represent slant elevation of the cone:

PropertiesSurface AreaVolume
It has actually a circular or oval base with an apex (vertex).It has actually one curved side.A cone is a rotated triangle.π r(r + s)1/3 πr2 h


A pyramid is a solid form or a polyhedron with a polygon base and all lateral faces are triangles. Pyramids are frequently described by the shape of their bases. A pyramid with a:

Pentagon basic is called a pentagonal pyramid.Regular hexagon basic is referred to as a hexagonal pyramid.


The table listed below shows the properties of a pyramid: (BA = base area, ns = perimeter, A = altitude, and SH = slant elevation )

PropertiesSurface AreaVolume
A pyramid is a polyhedron with a polygon base and also an apex with straight lines.Based on your apex alignment through the center of the base, they have the right to be classified into regular and also oblique pyramids.

BA + 1/2 × p × (SH)

1/3 BA2


A prism is a heavy shape identified on a 3-dimensional aircraft with two similar shapes dealing with each other. The different species of prisms are triangular prisms, square prisms, pentagonal prisms, hexagonal prisms, etc. Prism are additionally broadly share into continual prisms and oblique prisms.


The table listed below shows the properties of a prism: (BA = base area, p = perimeter, H = height)

PropertiesSurface AreaVolume
It has actually identical end (polygonal) and also flat faces.It has the very same cross-section all along its length.2 × (BA) + p × HBA × H

Polyhedrons/Platonic Solids

Platonic solids have identical deals with to continuous polygons. There are 5 polyhedrons.

Tetrahedron v four equilateral-triangular facesOctahedron through eight equilateral-triangular facesDodecahedron through twelve pentagon facesIcosahedron with twenty equilateral-triangular facesHexahedron or cube with six square faces.


The table listed below shows the nature of platonic shapes: (EL = edge length)

Properties the CubeSurface AreaVolume
It has actually 6 faces, each through 4 edge (and is a square).It has 12 edges.It has actually 8 vertices (corner points) wherein 3 edges meet.6 × (EL)2(EL)3

As discussed before, heavy shapes and also objects are various from 2D shapes and objects because of the presence of the 3 dimensions - length, breadth, and height. As a an outcome of these 3 dimensions, this objects have faces, edges, and vertices. Let's recognize these 3 in detail.

Faces of solid Shapes

A face refers come any solitary flat surface ar of a heavy object.Solid shapes can have an ext than one face.

Edges of solid Shapes

An edge is a heat segment on the boundary joining one peak (corner point) come another.They offer as the junction of two faces.

Vertices of heavy Shapes

A point where 2 or more lines meet is referred to as a vertex.It is a corner.The allude of intersection of edges denotes the vertices.

For example:


Solid ShapesFacesEdgesVertices









Rectangular Prism



Triangular Prism


Pentagonal Prism


Hexagonal Prism


Square Pyramid


Triangular Pyramid



Pentagonal Pyramid


Hexagonal Pyramid


Tips and Tricks

Rhyme to remember solid shapes:

"Solid forms are fat, not flat.Find a cone in a date of birth hat!You view a round in a basketball,And a cuboid in a building so tall!You check out a cube in the dice friend roll,And a cylinder in a shiny flag pole!"

Important Points

Solids or three-dimensional objects have 3 dimensions, namely length, breadth, and also height.Solid shapes have actually faces, edges, and also vertices.Learning about solid forms will aid us in ours day-to-day life as many of our tasks revolve around and also depend on them.

Related Topics

Example 1: A construction worker desires to construct a solid sphere using cement. He wants to know the amount of cement forced to construct a round of radius 10 inches. Find the volume of the ball using the offered radius.


The radius that the round (r) = 10 inches. We understand the formula for the volume that a sphere: v = 4/3 π r3. Substituting the value of the radius in the above formula, we get: v= 4/3 π r3 = 4/3 π (10)3 = 4188.8 inches3. Therefore, the volume that the cemented ball is 4188.8 inches3

Example 2: determine the constant polyhedron native the images displayed below.

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Regular polyhedrons include:PrismsPyramidsPlatonic solidsThe given examples of polyhedrons must come under this categories. Thus, the Egyptian pyramids and Rubik's cubes space polyhedrons.