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"I questioning God"Album: Un Día typical (A normal Day), 2003Style: Rock, optimistic for the future, love songCountry: ColombiaQue mis ojos se despiertenCon la luz de tu mirada, yo...A Dios le pido. That my eyes wake upWith the light of her gaze, I...Ask God.Que mi madre no se muera yQue mi padre me recuerde,A Dios le pido. That my mom not die andThat my father remember me,I ask God.Que dare quedes a mi lado yQue más nunca dare me vayas, mi vida...A Dios le pido. That you stay by my next andThat you never leave me, mine life...I asking God.Que mi alma no descanseCuando de amarte se trate, mi cielo,...A Dios le pido. The my soul not restWhen it involves loving you, mine heaven...I questioning God.Por los días que me quedan yLas noches que aún no llegan yo...A Dios le pido. Because that the days the I have actually left andThe nights the don"t yet come I...Ask God.Por los hijos de mis hijosY los hijos de tus hijos,A Dios le pido. For the children of my childrenAnd the kids of her children,I ask God.------------------------------------------Que mi pueblo no derrame tanta sangreY se levante mi gente,A Dios le pido. That my village not shed so much bloodAnd that my people rise,I ask God.Que mi alma no descanseCuando de amarte se trate mi cielo,A Dios le pido.That mine soul never restWhen loving you is what my sky is about,I ask God.------------------------------------------Un segundo más de vida para darteY mi corazón entero entregarte.Un segundo más de vida para darteY a tu lado para siempre yo quedarme.One an ext second of mine life to provide youAnd my whole heart to entrust come you.One much more second of my life to give youAnd by your side forever stay.Un segundo más de vida, yo...A Dios le pido.A second much more of life, I...Ask God.Y que si me muero sea de amor,Y si me enamoro sea de vos,Y que de tu voz sea este corazón.Todos los días a Dios le pido. (x2)And that if i die, it be because that love,And if I autumn in love, that (my love) be because that you,And the of her voice this heart belong.Every day, i ask God.(x2)Translation Notes:Mi vida (my life) and also mi cielo (my heaven) are offered in Spanish the method one would usage "sweatheart," "love," and "honey" in English. Other terms that endearment provided in Spanish room corazón (heart), mi amor (my love), and also mi luz (my light)."Y si me enamoro sea de vos." note that vos (you) sounds like voz, which method "voice." that adds an additional level of definition to this line, implying that he wishes for love that is no shallow."A Dios le pido." The verb pedirle way to request something the someone.

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It breaks under to the simpler type pedir, which means to request (to ask).Watch and also Listen:
At YouTube here.This tune was analyzed sometime in 2004-2007. It was posted in ~ Geocities, yet now Geocities close up door down, so ns an re-posting that here.