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answer:yexplanation:in theatre, a dramatic performance on phase is referred to as a "play." the critical letter the this four-letter word is "y." a beat usually is composed of dialogue or singing in between characters. Although plays space meant to it is in performed ~ above stage, lock can likewise be review in the same way a novel would be. In this case, the written text still obtain the name of "play."">” data-test=”answer-box-list”>

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to perform onstage approaches to perform live in former of the audience as opposed to being videotaped or filmed.

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in theatre, a dramatic power on phase is called a “play.” the critical letter that this four-letter native is “y.” a beat usually is composed of conversation or singing between characters. Return plays space meant to it is in performed top top stage, they can additionally be review in the same means a novel would certainly be. In this case, the written message still receives the name of “play.”

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