A. Scale set.

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B. Value weight.C. Texture.D. Tone.17. The paint Venus that Urbino, by Titian, is most notable for itsA. Symmetry.B. Texture.C. Sensuality.D. Symbolism.18. When we"re attractive to a occupational of art since it makes us feeling happy, sad, or calm and peaceful, we"reexperiencingA. An aesthetic judgment.B. The creative impulse.C. Emotionally resonance.D. Harmony.19. In a painting, the methods of chiaroscuro are intended to develop _______ texture.A. ImaginaryB. VisualC. VirtualD. LiteralEnd that exam20. The faster of the Greek architectural orders wasA. Ionic.B. Doric.C. Corinthian.D. Mycenaean.None

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Jammed in ~ a difficultquestion?Don"t worry. We"ve gained your back. Every person we satisfy knows something we don"t.ask us perhaps we know.