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The boy with fair hair lowered himself under the last couple of feet the rock and began to pick his way toward the lagoon. Despite he had actually taken off his school sweater and also trailed it now from one hand, his grey shirt stuck to him and his hair to be plastered to...

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The boy v fair hair lowered himself down the last couple of feet that rock and also began to pick his means toward the lagoon. Though he had actually taken turn off his college sweater and trailed it currently from one hand, his grey shirt grounding to him and also his hair to be plastered to his forehead.

This is how Lord that the Flies begins, and currently we have the right to see a few different examples of figurative language. There is a luck in "fair hair," evoking the sing-song quality of a fable. There are multiple examples of alliteration in i m sorry the first letter is repeated: in "few feet," "school sweater," and "shirt stuck."

Golding uses numerous imagery in the text, especially when first describing the setting in the first chapter:

The beach between the palm terrace and also the water was a slim stick, endless apparently, because that to Ralph’s left the perspectives of palm and also beach and water drew to a allude at infinity; and also always, nearly visible, was the heat.

He uses a metaphor in calling the water a "thin stick," and also helps us picture the endlessness with use of the word "infinity." He mirrors us how hot it is by saying the warm was "almost visible":

“How go he recognize we’re here?”

Ralph lolled in the water. Sleep enveloped him favor the swathing mirages the were wrestling v the brilliance the the lagoon.

“How go he know we’re here?”

Because, believed Ralph, because, because. The roar from the reef became really distant.

Metaphors and also similes room both comparisons, but similes usage the indigenous "like" or "as." The over section includes a simile and imagery the the sleepy feeling overcoming Ralph. Over there is also repetition. Ralph"s repeat of "because" mirrors a child-like quality and also shows the he has nothing to follow the "because." He just repeats the word in his head due to the fact that he has no genuine reason because that why his dad would understand they space there. This is likewise shown v Piggy needing to repeat the question, due to the fact that Ralph does not give any kind of answer the end loud:

Clouds the birds climbed from the treetops, and also something squealed and ran in the undergrowth.

In the above sentence, us see examples of metaphor, alliteration, and also foreshadowing. The squealing biology is a pig, together we will soon uncover out the pigs inhabit the island and also can be hunted. The pigs will certainly play a larger function in the story:

“We’ll have rules!” he cried excitedly. “Lots of rules! Then once anyonebreaks ’em–”





This use of onomatopoeia highlights the characters as children. Instead of straight saying what they will do to anyone that breaks the rules, they use sound effects, maybe acting the end what will happen.

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“Acting prefer a group of kids!”

This simile is likewise an example of irony due to the fact that the personalities are in fact kids. This also shows us that the boys room expected to act more mature—and while some of them try to, overall they space still children.