The Office Clipboard shop text and also graphics that you copy or cut from anywhere, and also it lets you dough the stored item into any other Office file. Here"s just how it functions in indigenous 2013 or 2016.

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Cut and paste items native the Clipboard

If you"re not already there, click Home, then click the launcher in the lower-right corner of the Clipboard group.


Select the text or graphic you desire to copy, and also press Ctrl+C.

Each choice appears in the Clipboard, v the recent at the top.


In her document, click whereby you desire to dough the item.

Do one of the complying with in the Clipboard:

Click the down arrowhead next come the items you want to paste, and click Paste.


To paste everything in the Clipboard come the selected area in her document, click Paste All.

Other things you can do through the Clipboard

Delete items native the Clipboard

Do any kind of of the following:

Click the arrowhead on the appropriate side of the item, and click Delete.

Right-click the items you desire to delete, and also click Delete.

Click Clear All to clear every little thing out that the Clipboard.


Close the Clipboard

Click the X in the upper-right corner of the Clipboard pane.


Set alternatives for the Clipboard

The choices control a range of Clipboard functions, such as once the Clipboard appears.

With the Clipboard open, click Options in ~ the bottom that the pane.


Here"s what each alternative does:



Show Office Clipboard Automatically

Displays the Office Clipboard when you copy much more than one item.

Show Office Clipboard once CTRL+C Pressed Twice

Displays the Office Clipboard as soon as you press Ctrl+C twice.

Collect Without reflecting Office Clipboard

Automatically copies items to the Office Clipboard there is no displaying the Clipboard job pane. When you select this option, the Clipboard will keep content replicated or cut from anywhere.

Show Office Clipboard symbol on Taskbar

Displays the Clipboard icon in the notification area the your home windows taskbar when the Clipboard is active. This choice is on by default.

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Show Status close to Taskbar once Copying

Shows the number of items you"ve accumulated in the bottom-right edge of words window. This option is on by default.