"An episode of War" begins with a nameless lieutenant rationing the end coffee come his soldiers. In the middle of his actions, the officer cries the end in pain. He originally thinks the a soldier alongside him hit his arm or miscellaneous similar. The various other soldiers are likewise curious as to why the officer cry out, but then they watch the blood dripping indigenous his arm. The officer then takes a minute to rigid out right into the woods. We room told that is contemplating the bullet"s journey from the forest to his arm. He following makes one awkward attempt to sheath his sword. That is unable to perform that, for this reason a adjacent sergeant does it for him.

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The lieutenant climate turns and begins make his means to the medical tent. As he provides his means through the army, he witnesses every kinds of army actions of miscellaneous units. The witnesses riflemen and artillerymen going around their frantic business. That comes across other injured soldiers that tell him precisely where to uncover the hospital, and the officer is amazing at these men.

The lieutenant, transporting his wounded eight rearward, looked upon them through wonder.

Other officers method him come ask the details around what is happening, but the sublievenant doesn"t know the answers to your questions. Among these arbitrarily officers eventually notices the hurt arm, and he angrily place a better field dressing top top it. The whole time the he is bandaging the arm, the is insulting the lieutenant to the point that the doesn"t feel that he is properly wounded.

The lieutenant eventually gets to the hospital and is greeted through a familiar doctor. The doctor"s demeanor instantly changes upon see the injured arm. That angrily comments on the worse bandaging, and he climate sweet-talks the lieutenant right into coming with him. The officer fears the the physician is going come amputate the arm, and also the medical professional convincingly lies the it won"t happen. The story ends with the lieutenant"s family members seeing that come house with a folded-up sleeve wherein his arm offered to be.

And this is the story of how the lieutenant shed his arm. As soon as he reached home, his sisters, his mother, his mam sobbed for a lengthy time in ~ the vision of the level sleeve. "Oh, well," he said, was standing shamefaced between these tears, "I don"t expect it matters so much as all that."
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An army lieutenant concentrates ~ above rationing out his company’s supply of coffee, meticulously separating the brown squares prior to him, when a shot rings out. The enlisted men, startled by the noise, all of sudden see blood saturating their lieutenant’s sleeve. In pain, the hurt officer sways, winces in disbelief, mutely surveys the forest, and tries instinctively and also clumsily to sheathe the knife that he has been using to count out the coffee packets. His mind swirls through mysterious revelations about existence and also the meaning of life. Together his dumbstruck, forgiveness troops try haltingly and also timidly to assist him, he realizes his helplessness. He desperately holds his appropriate wrist v his left hand. Silently and mournfully, he pipeline the field to seek medical attention. His dark trip begins.

The lieutenant’s wandering pursuit takes him through scenes the wartime horror: one aide gallops to a general, salutes, and also presents his command a an essential message; batteries sweep in majestic, frightening curve bent on destruction; and horsemen curse and also shout amid a chaos that levers, motors, and also wheels. This chorus of battle is ferocious and also emotional v dramatic passion. A beautiful unity appears to float over these fields of mindless destruction and sudden death. The lieutenant come on a team of stragglers who room insensately trudging his path, all excitedly captured up in the drama; he encounters a roadside brigade making coffee—the pedestrian job in i beg your pardon he had actually been affiliated before his wounding—and buzzing with talk like girls in ~ boarding school, together if battle were merely an adventure. A solicitous officer, observing the lieutenant’s bloody arm, scolds the to resolve it and also kindly, though amateurishly, binding the wound v his own handkerchief. The lieutenant is embarrassed both by his shattered arm and also by the gesture the concern. He feels strange apologetic. He has not yet mastered the appropriate etiquette because that behaving together a hurt soldier, however believes over there is some proper ritual come be complied with when one is no much longer a finish human being.

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At critical the lieutenant come at the low, white tents the a makeshift hospital, a previous school now surrounded by moaning and also dying soldiers. A liven surgeon passes by and greets the lieutenant in a trusted way, however his considerate demeanor disappears, also approaches contempt, as soon as he spies the injured arm. The brusquely orders the lieutenant to come along. Suddenly fearful and overwhelmed through panic, the lieutenant cries the end that he will not enable his arm to it is in amputated; the tries to draw away. The operated doctor seductively cajoles him, insisting the he will not amputate it. The lieutenant is far from reassured, yet is not strong enough to resist. The proceeds reluctantly, suspicious and also terrified, toward the doors of the field hospital that assume the appearance of the portals the death. The narrator then merely states that this was “the story of how the lieutenant lost his arm.”

After part time has passed, the lieutenant’s sisters, mother, and wife sob in ~ the vision of his empty, level sleeve. The stands ashamed before them, minimizing his disability, quiet not particular of the suitable etiquette for actions of the wounded. It was nothing, however, merely an plain experience common by countless soldiers who room doomed thereby to a life time of remembrance and suffering, simply “an illustration of war.”

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