The Smothers brother were among the most distinct acts of their time. However Tom and Dick Smothers have largely been the end of the spotlight for numerous years now because retiring, lengthy after their renowned TV show was cancelled in 1969. Let"s find out wherein the brothers are today.

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It"s been over 50 years since The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was controversially traction from TV ago in 1969.

But that was much from the end for Tom and Dick Smothers, the real-life brothers who were amongst the most famous acts that the 1960s and "70s. In fact, the distinct musical-comedy performers were active for years after and only retirement in 2010.

Smothers Brothers: Are Tommy and Dickie Smothers still alive?

The Smothers Brothers may not be performing live anymore, however they are really much still approximately today. Tom is 84 and also Dick is 81, and also they"ve both still been making occasional headlines in recent years.


The brothers in reality made a rare appearance together in 2019 to mark the 50th anniversary of your TV display getting cancelled. It was their many recent publicly reunion, ~ retiring in 2010.

"At the very least we"re both alive and also not having actually someone speak for us. We have the right to mumble our own method through," Tom joked to AP News prior to the show, in which they reflected on your career and also CBS pulling their show over politics, censorship, and controversial jokes.


The Smothers brothers today

As for performing, both Smothers brothers mostly only appear today in documentaries to talk comedy and music history. A share appearance on The Simpsons in 2009 was one of the brothers" last acting credits.


Both brothers have likewise been in the news in current years because that listing big-money properties on the market.

In 2019, Tom was selling his $13 million ranch — finish with a wine-making vineyard — in Sonoma County, California, while prick also noted his million-dollar house in Florida the year earlier.

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The Smothers Brothers, that pushed borders with your satirical and socially aware act, space still viewed as influential comedy icons today. See our picks for the many controversial comedians here.