Could the extraterrestrial character indigenous the book end up as a turned off scene top top the A Wrinkle over time DVD? We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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By Kayti Burt | march 12, 2018 | | comments count:0

It’s the nature the adaptation the the work will and must change when that goes native one kind to another. So, that course, this is the situation for A wrinkle in Time, Disney’s big-budget adaptation that Madeleine L’Engle’s beloved science fiction novel. 

Den of geezer was part of the A wrinkle in Time push junket in Los Angeles whereby we had the chance to speak to screenwriter Jennifer Lee about adapting the story from page to screen. When asked to select one aspect that was the hardest to reduced from the movie, Lee had straightforward answer: Aunt Beast.

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For those who haven’t review the book, Aunt Beast is an alien Meg meets after ~ she, her father, and Calvin tesser off of Camazotz and also away from The IT. When there, Meg befriends a an extremely strange alien called Aunt Beast who resides on a planet called Ixchel. Aunt Beast, who has actually no eyes or head have the right to only connect with Meg via telepathy, but she helps Meg prepare because that the battle to come. 

Here is a summary of the Aunt Beast aliens that live on native the book:


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They to be the same dull gray shade as the flowers. If lock hadn’t to walk upright they would have seemed choose animals. Lock moved directly toward the three human beings. Lock had 4 arms and also far more than 5 fingers to every hand, and also the fingers were not fingers, however long waving tentacles. They had actually heads, and they had faces. Yet where the deals with of the creatures top top Uriel had seemed far an ext than human faces, these seemed far less. Whereby the features would normally be over there were number of indentations, and also in location of ears and also hair were an ext tentacles. They were tall, Meg realized as they come closer, much taller than any type of man. They had actually no eyes. Just soft indentations.

So what happened to Aunt Beast? She was at first in the movie, said Lee, yet was cut due to the fact that it was what the story needed.

“The explorations you make as soon as you put together and also you go, this is where the difficulty needs come grow, and pulls you far from it,” described Lee.

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So part of that was, the structure of the publication is so sound, however then every now and also then the crack mirrors that cinema, unless we did the three-hour version, can’t hold it. Really it to be a difficulty to say, this is not the time she gets to have some release. She has to challenge this herself prior to anyone is given her help. And that’s really true. It made her increase to the finish much stronger.

We do gain a short glimpse that Ixchel throughout the vision Meg has while visiting The Happy tool and, apparently, there’s much more where that come from. “ shot, she’s made, there’s beautiful scenes,” said Lee. “Maybe it’ll end up in the DVD.”