Bad girl Club: Atlanta is the tenth season of the Oxygen fact television series, bad Girls Club. That premiered top top January 15, 2013. Because that this season, the display returned to the unified States. Also, this is the fifth season come take location in a various location native Los Angeles, the an initial being season five, the 2nd being season seven, the 3rd being season eight and the 4th being season nine.For this season, the display returned come the unified States, and also has a new time slot as it will certainly be airing on Tuesday nights at 8/7c now.

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Bad Girls society - Season : 10

Season 10 episode 1 - southern Hospitality

A new set of poor Girls come in the ATL to shake points up. All the while, Janae can"t save up with her brand-new roommates. Air day : 15th-Jan-2013Read More

Season 10 episode 2 - Houston Ho under

Janae it s okay under everyone"s skin when she fails to let walk of she insecurities. Also, a prank pulled by Shannon backfires. Air day : 22nd-Jan-2013Read More

Season 10 illustration 3 - Molly-Whopped

After the town hall the home bully Janae repeatedly, Nicole feels favor she could be the new target. Meanwhile, Stephanie finds the end her brand-new ATL boo has actually been maintaining a an enig from her. Air day : 29th-Jan-2013Read More

Season 10 illustration 4 - The Girl who Cried Mommy

Nikki is forced to choose whether to go home, or to fight because that her location in the negative Girls Club; Shannon inquiries her feelings because that an old fire after his shocking behavior during his visit. Air day : 5th-Feb-2013Read More

Season 10 illustration 5 - yes sir Something about Jerry…

New girl Rocky immediately flips the home upside down v her instigating ways, when Shannon’s shady home guest leaves a storm of controversy in his wake. Air day : 12th-Feb-2013Read More

Season 10 illustration 6 - rage Mismanagement

Jenniffer’s boyfriend visits and attempts to extinguish she fiery temper, when Rocky decides to team up with Shannon after ~ witnessing the other girls’ flip-flopping ways. Air date : 19th-Feb-2013Read More

Season 10 episode 7 - Bottled Up and Beat down

After being more ostracized indigenous the house, Shannon lastly decides to wake up for herself. The girls get involved in a wild photograph shoot with celebrity hairstylist Derek J. Air day : 26th-Feb-2013Read More

Season 10 illustration 8 - Gone v the Weave

After being more ostracized native the house, Shannon finally decides to stand up for herself. The girls participate in a wild picture shoot v celebrity hairstylist Derek J. Air date : 5th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 10 illustration 9 - between A Rocky and also A difficult Place

Valentina and Alicia zero in top top Rocky as their target, yet Shannon doesn’t pertained to her rescue, top Rocky to inquiry where Shannon"s allegiances lie. Air day : 12th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 10 illustration 10 - Don"t Cry because that Me, Valentina!

Valentina shakes increase the home when she makes tranquility with "Shanrock," and Alicia’s best friend visits, just to finish up spending part “quality time” with new girl Nancy. Air day : 19th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 10 episode 11 - Who"s Laughing currently

Alicia and also Valentina make amends once they realize that Rocky is much more deserving of their anger, while home gossip causes Nancy’s temper come skyrocket. Air date : 26th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 10 episode 12 - Rocky choose a Hurricane

After her explosive blowout with Nancy, Rocky sets her sights ~ above Alicia in order to teach her the true bad Girl meaning of jumping. Air day : 9th-Apr-2013Read More

Season 10 illustration 13 - greece Up, gain Down

The very first annual negative Girls games takes place in Greece. Meanwhile, revenge is on Alicia"s mind as she targets Rocky. Air date : 16th-Apr-2013Read More

Season 10 illustration 14 - residence Is wherein the ache Is

Alicia"s setup comes to fruition together she ties increase some loose ends leading to an all-out explosive battle. Air day : 23rd-Apr-2013Read More

Season 10 episode 15 - Reunion component I - off the jump

The females of Atlanta accomplish up in L.A. For one last blowout as Shannon seeks her revenge. Air date : 7th-May-2013Read More

Season 10 illustration 16 - Reunion component II - was standing Up, Throw under

Shannon walk toe-to-toe with the various other ladies in an all-out fist fight. Meanwhile, Nancy and Stephanie"s sexy hook-up i do not care the key topic that discussion. Air day : 14th-May-2013Read More

Season 10 illustration 17 - Reunion part III - Old Beef, new Leaf

Alicia is confronted by the various other "Bad" Girls around her shocking exit. Elsewhere, a raging Nicky blows off vapor by confronting an unanticipated target, bring about a shocking showdown. Air day : 21st-May-2013Read More

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