If you can"t it is in a jaw on the optimal of the hill,Be a scrub in the sink — yet beThe best little scrub by the side of the rill;Be a bush if you can"t be a tree.If you can"t it is in a bush be a little of the grass,And some highway more happiness make;If girlfriend can"t be a muskie then just be a base —But the liveliest base in the lake!We can"t all be captains, we"ve acquired to be crew,There"s miscellaneous for every one of us here,There"s big work come do, and also there"s lesser to do,And the task you need to do is the near.If girlfriend can"t it is in a highway then just be a trail,If you can"t be the sun be a star;It isn"t by size that you win or friend fail —Be the ideal of everything you are!

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What"s worth doing in any kind of case is precious doing well. A well articulated, unique encapsulated piece of poetry insightfully penned v conviction. A lover poem v beautiful happiness scheme. Thanks for sharing.

Superb anf nice really esy and also to teach and understand have the right to i get an audio and video copy of this. City

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