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vault Generations 3rd Gen finest place come train pre-E4? started by Rossmania July 28th, 2010 8:56 to be

my favorite and also quickest place to train mine pokemon is on One Island. Use Surf to leaving the main part of the island and move increase kindle roadway until you gain to the Ember Spa. Many of you already know however in the kindle spa you can go in the center of the Spa and your pokemon will be fully healed. External of the spa space 5 trainers, two of lock in together for a twin battle. Usage the VS. Seeker come take part in the double battle and also battle the 2 martial artists.When you"re pokemon room hurt, just take a relaxing expedition to the Ember Spa, while in ~ the exact same time recharging your VS. Seeker.


i dont have any kanto or johto gamings so all i can say is victory road in r/s/e or if your ev trainin poochyena are great attack evs while spinda are an excellent sp strike evs. Ns dont usualy emphasis on other evs since then that becomes much more of a "job"
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i kept complicated Gabby and also Ty on courses 111, 119, and also 120 (I think those to be the routes). It"s an unusual method to train, but this was before I started EV training. Anyway, the level of your Pokémon capped turn off at 39, and they actually surrendered some an excellent experience.
success Road, however then again I just train one Pokemon transparent the game and also beat the Gyms and also E4 with just that Pokemon :3
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On that "Non prevent road"

If you have FR/LG, use the Vs. Seeker in places like route 15 (East the Fuchsia) and Route 16 (West that Celadon, peak of cycle Road). Those two locations have large concentrations the trainers who room close to each other so you"ll obtain quite a few battles per use of the Vs Seeker.Sadly, over there is no Vs Seeker in Hoenn, for this reason you"re stuck on success Road, i beg your pardon kinda sucks for her Pokemon that can"t attend to Rock/Ground varieties and/or Golbat.
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Vs seeking on One island/On cycling road in FR/LG.After beating the E-4,however 7 islands aremuch better (two "cooltrainers" just above the Unown caves)-Together,they offer approx. 25000 exp....really helps.In R/S/E,however, Gabby&Ty are more than likely the best.Usually ns take an Earthquaker with any frail pokemon,so that The EQer it s okay the entirety lot......a tiresome process,though.
Victory Road, however then again I just train one Pokemon transparent the game and also beat the Gyms and E4 with only that Pokemon :3
I spent a the majority of time training mine team in skies Pillar prior to the upstream 4 top top Emerald but this isn"t so an excellent for pokemon with just normal kind moves.
I kept an overwhelming Gabby and Ty on routes 111, 119, and also 120 (I think those were the routes). It"s an unusual way to train, however this was before I started EV training. Anyway, the levels of your Pokémon capped turn off at 39, and also they actually surrendered some great experience.
This is a far better method than victory Road pair this an approach with an amulet coin and also you acquire a ton that money as well not just levels.
If you average in Firered/Leafgreen the best place to train would be top top Cycling roadway right external of Celadon City with the VS Seeker. There are about 6 trainers on screen. I was able to train every my Pokemon previous Level 55 relatively quickly.Emerald is the hardest one come train due to the fact that Sky shaft Pokemon are considerably weaker. I"d just train in the win Road. Ns was disappointed in that game. :(
for R/S, victory Road"s finishing area(Wally"s Area) and the part before FR/LG, ive never had to do much training before, generally using Victory road to supplement.for Emerald, height Floor of sky Pillar. (on another note, though, its quite disappionting that it"s so hard to level up, the highest possible level to train against that gives any amount the EXP is just Lv. 40.)
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As many have said and will keep saying the finest place come train in any kind of pokemon game before the upstream 4 is victory road which is time consuming.If your no to underleveled friend could shot to to win as countless as the upstream 4 pokemon together u can and gain alot an ext exp then u would certainly from success road.Like with me i had actually in platinum all 3 starters time i got to elite 4 and also they to be under leveled therefore what i did was provided My Infernape come wipe the an initial elite 4 member.then provided my empoleon come wipe the 2nd and third then usually would lose to the fourth or champion.But if u store doing that and even if u shed ure gaining alot the exp because that each pokemon u take it down.
In R/S/E, ns train in Victory roadway and against the Trainer"s Eyes/Match call trainers. In FR/LG, i train in victory Road and Vs. Seeker few of the other trainers I discover in Kanto.
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fake your death.

This hasn"t to be posted in because 2010. Please don"t revive threads that space over a month old.

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