It amazes me that as much as I have actually seen the movie "Big", this funny tiny ice cream song chanted through Tom Hanks (Josh) and also Jared Rushton (Billy) has not to be permanently implanted in my brain. (The rapid pace might be the reason.)Well, ns couldn"t resist watching it again to shot to figure out precisely what the ice cream cream lyrics are. An excellent thing I"m a pretty great lip reader, since there space a pair of words that are complicated to hear correctly. If you have actually the movie, you must watch that again. This track is done when in the beginning when josh is still little and walking under the street v his finest friend, Billy. Then, in one more scene wherein Josh is big, that does the singing to to convince Billy that it is really him.

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The an are goes...down under baby, under down the roller coaster.Sweet sweet baby, sweet sweet don"t permit me go.shimmy shimmy cacao pop, shimmy shimmy rock,shimmy shimmy cacao pop, shimmy shimmy rockI met a girlfriend- a triscuit,she said a triscuit-a biscuit,ice cream soda popvanilla on the topoooo Shalida, walking under the street,ten time a weekI meant it. I stated it.I stole mine mama"s credit.I"m cool. I"m hot.Sock girlfriend in the stomach three much more times.Return from ice cream tune big come movie scenes pageReturn to ice cream cream freaks home page
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