Despite being off the market for so long, Richard Warrell, director of sales and marketing because that Warrell Classic, says currently is a great time come start production the confection again.

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“There is really much a tide of nostalgic desire and a grassroots group of civilization that quiet talk around the black Cow,” he says.
Warrell additionally points out that a the majority of nostalgic candies have been reintroduced lately, including standard Caramel’s Bonomo Turkish Taffy, which was brought earlier to sleeve last year and also received one overwhelming confident response. Classic Caramel is hoping world will react similarly to black Cow’s memorable flavor. 
Traditionally a caramel dipped right into chocolate, black Cow to be discontinued over two decades back because the company that to buy the product did not have actually the ability to dive it into chocolate.
Although these more recent Black Cow bars will additionally not it is in chocolate-coated, Warrell says that the coco caramel mix classic Caramel has created should stir up redolent experiences.
In tandem through the reintroduction of black color Cow, the company announced the come of Slo bag bars come the classic Caramel family. 
The Slo Poke, a well-off chewy caramel treat that has actually been approximately since the 1920’s, flourished alongside the black color Cow.
“The black color Cow and also the Slo Poke are really brother and sister items that flourished up together,” states Warrell. “The other piece of this is marrying the two brands earlier together.”



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