When i did this combo, ns went AW first. Together a Blood Mage, you"re walking to be relying on long selection spells for you damage, and also if girlfriend go with AW later at lvl14, you"ll need to dramatically change you playing style due to the fact that an AW counts on buffs, and is usually best at the front-lines. If friend go v an AW first, you"ll have the advantage of gaining used come the play style right indigenous the beginning, and when you obtain BM, it"ll act an ext as a supplement to your currently existing tactics, rather than other that"ll radically adjust them.

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i go blood mage first when ns did this, and i uncovered it to it is in pretty simple to get through the game due to the fact that blood wound = remarkable AOE spell no to cite all the various other spells you have. Therefore IMO you should do BM first, yet if friend don"t have actually "unlimited skills/stats" AW can be better to start off through first. Due to the fact that i kinda offered the Tome glitches i was may be to have as many spells as i wanted an interpretation i had actually a an extremely effective casting/nuking mage and also a really effective AW at level 14.
I myself have never make the efforts this combo, but I have used the specializations.Theron (Myself): Rogue - Ranger/DuelistAttacks from far away, great damage. Highest possible hit is 454 through AoS, I practically shit myself. Additionally has the capacity to summon an additional "party member" which i take full advantage of. Duelist is there due to the fact that of the boost to Dex, and the first ability (Increases Atk.)Wynne: Mage - heart Healer/Arcane WarriorAfter all the buffs she throws up, she"s a tank. No doubting it. The thing about her buffs is that it provides a the majority of magic power, therefore she just has around 50% come use. She can heal, revive, etc and also buff rather while preserving a nice wellness lvl herself. Among my favourite builds ever, however this is my very first time playing. (:Morrigan: Mage - Shapeshifter/Blood MageI really messed up on she abilities, and also gave her points she never used, nor essential (Like Blizzard, instead of remaining with Cone of Cold.) but Chain lighting was an extremely helpful. Should have provided her heal too, would have helped loads, yet I"m learning. (: i didn"t obtain Crushing jail until means LATE in the game, for this reason I gained to usage it i literally think once, prior to she left me. ;~; All that time on her for nothing, can have to be training Shale or someone. >>; dislike Morrigan now, walk she always leave, no matter what? climate there"s my an excellent idea that making her a Blood Mage, one of the finest choices ever. Solid spells, an excellent crowd control, impressive damage, i loved it. Mental Theron (My Warden) and also how he"s a Ranger. He"s a Ranger for this reason he deserve to summon the Bear because that Morrigan to heal from. The last move was prefer "meh" because that me when I first got it. Yet then I began using the more, and realized that you should manage the "boss" monsters, or the long range attackers.Allistair: Warrior - Templar/ChampionTank, through 3 buffs and also 2 attacks. Runs in Threaten and also Sheild wall active if having and also War Cry and also Assault for tiny crowd control. An extremely simple.Ok, so now onto WHY ns typed all that. 1. You essential to recognize my beat style, so as soon as I phone call you to use, or not usage this build, you understand why. 2. I likewise want some help, greatly on Morrigan"s spells, she turned the end to be shit.Arcane Warrior/Blood Mage:Arcane Warrior"s large defense would assist with balancing damages from Blood Magic and also getting fight (Or the absence of obtaining hit.) yet you"d likewise want Magic to support an easy spells (Cone the Cold for example, constantly a great choice.) Willpower and Constitution will certainly make or rest this build, so ns propose:~ MAX Magic~ 30 Willpower~ 20 ConstitutionGives girlfriend power, defense, sufficient to buff, heal, etc, and also use your Blood Magic. You can throw some points right into Dexterity if you desire to prevent some attacks...but the most vital thing is Willpower to support the magic cost of Arcane Warrior (20 Willpower can even work, if friend don"t plan to use straightforward spells.) structure is a Blood Mages power, therefore you need to have actually a many that. The 20 Magic is cause I"m suspect you will certainly be using basic spells. If you are just USING Blood Mage/Arcane Warrior magic spells then walk with:~ 20 Willpower~ 20 Constitution~ 20 Dex~ MAX Magic
Sure, you deserve to max the end your constitution. Or, you deserve to dump a the majority of points right into magic come use better armor and to have a high spell-power. Placed points into will-power come off-set the fatigue when girlfriend equip hefty power, and anyway, the fatigue will be counter by the BM specialization. I had actually my constitution at around 30 through the end of Origins, and I relied on my armor"s defense to lessen damage taken, so that I can reserve me health and wellness for when I"m in BM mode.A high structure will assist you cast more spells as a BM, yet you won"t it is in doing much damage without a high magic stat.Anyway, one of the AW most rewarding properties is that it passively converts your magic stat right into a strength stat, so why wouldn"t you desire to take benefit of that?
Why would you max out constitution? Seems completely pointless come me. Twenty-five point out or therefore in structure is fairly enough, even for a Blood Mage or a tank, and most yes, really should get in magic. Or in ~ least enough to equip great weapons and also armor. Some points into Willpower to support the Glyphs or other spells I will be spreading -- and I will certainly be spreading other spells, courtesy of so many enemies gift immune to Blood spells.

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and most really should enter magic. Or in ~ least enough to equip great weapons and armor. Part points right into Willpower to support the Glyphs or various other spells I will certainly be casting -- and I will certainly be casting other spells, courtesy that so countless enemies being immune come Blood spells.
And this is were I admit me being stupid. I forgot about Arcane Warrior utilizing Magic to equip stuff. For this reason NOW, due to the fact that I"m still learning, here"s what I"m saying now:~ 20 Con~ 30 Wilpower~ MAX MagicI"d still litter in enough points to get 20 Dex, yet that"s just me. (:
Sorry to bang a semi old thread yet in beforehand Jan of critical year when I gained the game I made a DW Rogue Ranger/Duelist as this EXACTLY!His surname is also the same, hivemind eh?
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Sorry to bang a semi old thread but in beforehand Jan of critical year once I got the video game I do a DW Rogue Ranger/Duelist together this EXACTLY!His name is even the same, hivemind eh?