Cake Mania 3 video game – outline – complimentary Download – pc – Compressed – Specs – screenshot – RIPType the game: PuzzlePC release Date: respectable 29, 2008Developer/Publishers: Sandlot Games/Majesco Entertainment, Hudson Soft, Sandlot GamesCake Mania 3 (129 MB) is a puzzle video clip game. Developed and also published by Sandlot Games/Majesco Entertainment, Hudson Soft, Sandlot Games. It to be released on august 29, 2008 because that Windows. Everyone wants cakes! You deserve to order a cake for virtually every occasion.

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Before downloading and install make certain that your computer meets minimum system requirements.Minimum mechanism Requirements

OS: home windows 2000/XP/VistaProcessor: Pentium II 400Mhz or much better (800 Mhz processor because that Vista)RAM: 256 MB RAMHard Drive: 1 GB obtainable spaceVideo Card: video clip Card with 32MB video RAM (Graphics processor that is DirectX 10 qualified for Vista)DirectX: variation 7



exactly how to Install?

Open “Cake Mania 3” folder, dual click top top “Setup” and also install it.After surroundings complete, go to the folder where you extract the game.Open “SCREENSEVEN” folder, copy every files and paste it whereby you install the game.Then twin click on “CakeMania3CD” >> “CakeMania3_og” symbol to pat the game. Done!

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