simply thought about this while play wiffleball earlier. During a baseball/softball/wiffleball game, can a switch-hitting batter simply switch positions in-between pitches throughout an at-bat or when he calls time? I know this might be danger or simply an odd thing to do however I"ve never heard rules versus it therefore is that allowed?


According to

A batter may switch to the other box ~ every key if he so desires. He may do it on any kind of ball to win count. Among the oldest myths in baseball is the one that states you can"t move boxes when you have two strikes top top you.

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The only restriction top top the batter is that he might not step into the various other box ~ the pitcher is in position ready come pitch. rule 6.06(b)

So by the wording of the MLB rule, the batter can"t move batters boxes after ~ the pitcher is set:

6.06 (b) He procedures from one batters box to the various other while the pitcher is in position ready to pitch;

There show up to be no various other restrictions certain to switch-hitters.

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You are permitted out of the box after a win or sphere if you contact timeout together the batter... If the umpire sponsor you time climate walk around and also enter the other batter"s box.

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You have the right to switch sides in in between pitches. No dominion says the you can"t, only if the pitcher is in position. I"m one umpire.

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