A clean cage will always lead come a more joy guinea pig – for this reason what deserve to you execute if you’ve run out that guinea pig bedding, however your small buddy demands his cage cleaned? whether you’re waiting for a delivery of new bedding or can’t order an ext until payday, you might be left scouring your house for another option.

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Because giving your guinea pig v a clean cage is vital to maintaining them healthy, that wise not to put off your housekeeping duties just due to the fact that you don’t have a advertisement bedding available. That’s why we’ve placed together this perform of six good alternatives come guinea bedding – through a mind towards helping you uncover something that’s already in your own home. After ~ reading around what you deserve to use, though, review on to uncover out what girlfriend mustn’t, under any type of circumstances, use as alternate bedding for her guinea pig.


Guinea Pig Bedding Alternatives

1. Fleece

Image Credit: iPowahFX Studio, Wikimedia CommonsPerhaps the most economical choice of any type of bedding alternative, making fleece liner for her guinea pig’s cage, can remove the need for various other bedding altogether. It will certainly require frequent cleanings and also washing to store your guinea’s cage in great condition yet can be an extremely cost-effective alternative if you do multiple liners to revolve out.

Jessica in ~ The Cavy residence on Youtube has fantastic video on exactly how to prepare new fleece for guinea pig bedding. Check it out here.

2. Shredded Cardboard

Image Credit: byggarn.se, ShutterstockWith a small bit the elbow grease, you can turn any old cardboard box right into perfectly agree bedding for her guinea pigs. Us recommend tearing it v your hand as lot as possible, as making use of scissors have the right to leave spicy edges that might hurt your guinea’s feet. Save your old shipping boxes, however be sure to eliminate labels before transforming them right into bedding.

3. Hay

Image Credit: David Shankbone, Wikimedia CommonsWith every the hay the your guinea pig eats, you may have noticed that many of these small creatures love to throw your food around. You deserve to make great use the this by taking their discarded hay that has gone stale and also repurposing it because that a fresh layer the bedding.

4. Straw

Image Credit: pen_ash, PixabayThe byproduct of hay production, straw is often repurposed as garden mulch. If girlfriend have any type of in your shed, it have the right to make do as bedding in a pinch – but since it’s not particularly absorbent, friend won’t desire to use it long-term.

5. Shredded Paper

Image Credit: eak_kkk, PixabayEverything native junk letter to old college assignments and also work files can be carefully torn and also shredded come make brand-new guinea pig bedding. Unfortunately, the ink and chemicals found in many printed files can be detrimental to your guinea’s health – so use this as an emergency option, but don’t make it an day-to-day habit.

6. Newspaper

Image Credit: congerdesign, PixabayJust like the shredded document listed above, newspaper deserve to be an attractive choice for guinea pig bedding. Many of bookstores and also cafes merely throw the end their larger newspapers, therefore it have the right to be a constant supply at little to no cost. The problem comes, again, in the ink and chemicals offered for treating newspapers. Usage it in a pinch, but don’t do it a constant thing.


What no to usage for Guinea Pig Bedding

As you consider your options for bedding alternatives, make sure to protect against the following:

Softwood shavings, especially cedar and also pine. If hardwoods are an acceptable but not very absorbent bedding, softwood contain volatile chemicals that can seriously injure her guinea pig. Don’t use any type of product that includes a softwood in that ingredient list. Cat litter is far too dusty, and also incredibly dangerous if ingested by her guinea pig. Conserve it for her cat’s litter box, however don’t shot using it together bedding. Corn cob has to be repurposed as animal bedding on plenty of farms but isn’t suitable for guinea pigs. Despite aroma gift enticing to your pet, that can reason serious digestive issues if eaten.

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Absorbent, due to the fact that your guinea pig will likely be making use of it as a bathroom. If the bedding doesn’t absorb liquids, it have the right to leave your guinea pig wet, cold, and also unhappy in a hurry. Free the chemicals, due to the fact that your guinea pig may decide come nibble on some of its bedding to watch if it’s tasty enough to eat. Resistant to mold and mildew, as these have the right to quickly produce respiratory problems for her pet. V those indict in mind and also the list of family members items above, it must be straightforward for friend to uncover substitute bedding the will work-related for both you and your guinea pig.