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"drinking beer ~ u obtain your toungue pierced?"I believed that usually had to walk the other method around???
Alcohol is bad for tongue piercings. Listerine and other alcohol-based mouthwashes room not recommended for usage after a tongue piercing, so ns presume the same goes because that beer and also such. You can still drink it, that will simply irritate it and take longer to heal.
no no no no no!!!!!
See... You gain a tongue piercing, climate you walk to a hospital and also get one of those inter-venous needle and also bag combinations.Then, you walk home, make your own IV, and pour her beer into the bag.problem solved.
hey... You"d acquire a hell that alot an ext drunk through less faster that way, too.I JUST uncovered A CHEAP ASS way OF obtaining UTTERLY and also TOTALLY SMASHED!!
intersting,,now i should throw this solution at mine friend and also convince the to walk the regional hospital and also get one of those things. Hehe great idea!
possibly...but it"s a hell the a method to go!
Paulson"s responses to be funny as always
After the an initial coupla days, he"ll it is in fine. If the really desires to drink prior to then, I suggest margaritas and also other frozen beverages. They were fine because that me and also mine healed superbly. Beer ~ 5 days ns wouldn"t concern about. Worry more about dairy-based foods and also spicy stuph. No Indian food.

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yeah.That Indian beer doesn"t circulation through the IV and some an excellent old fasion"d American brew.I listen Rum and Pepsi walk nice together... If you"re sober enough to taste it.
FFM...You don"t desire that sh!t in your blood stream. All you require is the alcohol in your blood to gain drunk. For this reason go acquire some Everclear, or other similar, & distill the to gain pure alcohol. Or, if friend can discover some 200 proof, use that. Otherwise you"re simply ASKING to finish up in the hospital. Of course injecting pure alcohol right into your veins is likewise a good way to end up in the hospital...I woudln"t advise either.Viper GTS
LMAOThat"s because you"re a "good small boy." That"s more than likely true for an ext of you 보다 I would care to recognize about, however hey... Ns don"t want to discover out in the very first place.Anyway, yeah, everclear would most likely be far better anyway... Girlfriend know... If girlfriend wrig it right, you can fully remove the blood and replace it through the stuff. The ought to provide you a small bit much better buz 보다 you"re supplied to, i think.
Napalm... Listerine is the recommended mouthwash after obtaining your tongue pierced. Every tattoo parlor i"ve remained in sells listerine or offers out a sample because that you to use.If you save your mouth clean and also wash it the end every hour or therefore while you room drinking, you need to be fine, but you could want come wait an ext than 5 days, much more like a week and a fifty percent to 2 weeks. (Nasty mix---beer and also listerine..ewww)

If you go for margaritas, carry out yourself a favor and don"t lick the salt around the pickled in salt of the glass
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