So the toilet water splashed my vagina. What if there to be sperm in the water? deserve to sperm survive lengthy in water? for this reason worried


Hello and also welcome to,You cannot become pregnant native this event. First of all, there is no factor to think there to be sperm in the water unless you knew a male had actually ejaculated right into the toilet and did no flush. Even if a man did ejaculate right into the toilet at some point, there is no means the sperm would have the ability to impregnate someone.You deserve to only become pregnant if a masculine ejaculates into your vagina during penetration. No need to worry.Faith

January 30, 2016 - 12:43pm

Hi,I used water in publicly toilet...after three days i acquired mild crams in mine belly and backbone...then 1week before my durations i got red blood in mine panties...stayed because that 3 days...i gained breastmilk...then next month i gained spotting because that 5days....thus month my durations looks proper...but quiet i have actually abdomen pain, pelvic pain, backpain....I don"t understand what the hell i am encountering in my life

March 17, 2019 - 5:14am

Hello, Anon.

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Did you have actually sex education at school? If not, it"s a good idea to research on your own so girlfriend know just how sex and also the human being body works. You deserve to read books on this or search our site. This will remove a the majority of stress the the unknown have the right to cause.

A mrs cannot get pregnant uneven she has unprotected sex (intercourse) through ejaculation that enters the vagina. The highest chance for this is during ovulation.

So, a pregnancy cannot occur from the scenario you describe, which ns assume method some of the water in the restroom splashed ~ above you together it did to the initial poster.



March 17, 2019 - 5:56am

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