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go anyone recognize if I deserve to print on Construction document with my Laser Printer. I'm simply scared it's going to burn the paper. Please let me understand if ya'll have tried it. :D

post at 6:17pm Apr 2, 2009 EDT


I'd be afraid of ruining my printer, not the paper. Could you probably print a reverse imageon another sheet of document and iron-transfer it come the building paper?

posted at 6:30pm Apr 2, 2009 EDT


well, ns was trying to stop using mine inkjet printer due to the fact that the squid is so expensive. It does have actually a setup for recycle paper, but who has ever heard of laser printer recycle paper :( man, I desire to try, however last time ns tried, i melted mine printer and also it to be gone because that repair because that 3 months.

post at 6:34pm Apr 2, 2009 EDT


her inkjet ink is an ext expensive then laser press toner? eep!I would usage your inkjet printer, I would certainly be fear of her laser printer being wrecked through the construction paper.Also, building and construction is almost the lowest in quality, unless its something that is pretty disposable (like a label or parcel decoration) I would upgrade come a cardstock or other more archival paper...

posted at 6:48pm Apr 2, 2009 EDT


Well, I favor the texture that construction paper give you. Hey what precisely is archival paper? I've always wondered that. :D

posted at 6:50pm Apr 2, 2009 EDT

acid and also lignin free paper

post at 7:01pm Apr 2, 2009 EDT

walk anyone understand if you can use any cardstock in the laser printer, or walk it need to be laser specific. Deserve to you use bristol board v vellum? I'm just trying to discover something that has texture to it.

posted at 10:37pm Apr 2, 2009 EDT

Staples double-sided matted photo document works fine in lieu the cardstock. Not much texture but great card top quality