Maybe you to be lucky sufficient to grab part flour at the grocery store store prior to shelves cleared out, or you’re a jar sourdough bread baker who only buys 50-pound bags. However if you don’t autumn under either umbrella and still want to dive into the lull of baking, there’s an different you should recognize about: good ol’ Bisquick.

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The clear yellow box has actually been the begin of numerous pancake breakfasts because 1931, yet did you know this basic blend the flour, leaveners, and also oils deserve to make an appearance at any meal? I’ve do banana muffins v Bisquick as soon as a vacation rental pantry yielded just very expired baking powder. It also jumps effortlessly to the savory side through my husband’s favorite: cheeseburger pie. It’s how amazing versatile.

In these unsure times as soon as I’m nose-diving right into cooking and also baking for survival — but also just to escape — Bisquick is a comforting vision to me. It’s as predictable and also reliable together they come. So, rather of making use of the little flour that ns did have to bake something through my daughter critical week, I reached for the Bisquick in the earlier of mine pantry.

As someone that works in food and mostly cooks native scratch, it’s constantly a surprise to others as soon as they uncover out I have Bisquick in the very first place. My advent to it was through my husband’s family. They use Bisquick for blueberry pancakes and shortcakes — both recipes found on the box — but the Gallary family members specialty is Bisquick ham and cheese biscuits. These biscuits space so unique they usually just make an appearance on Christmas morning. There’s no real recipe either. Mine mother-in-law stirs together Bisquick through a ton of shredded cheddar cheese and also diced ham without measuring, then binds it all along with just enough milk to turn it into a wet dough. It’s to reduce in big spoonfuls top top the baking sheet and also emerges from the oven with crispy, lacy edges, and tender, steaming insides. I constantly have to prevent myself from getting to for another.

Right now, Bisquick baking projects are helping my 7-year-old daughter stay busy together we’re quarantined at home. Her attention expectations isn’t that lengthy (especially because that measuring!), therefore the quicker we can get to stirring and shaping — and her favourite part, the eat — the better.

As an introduction to Bisquick, I decided to have her handle the Gallary household biscuits in the hopes that she’ll re-superstructure them with her own family members when she’s grown. We didn’t have ham and also had to blend a couple of cheeses together, however the recipe is forgiving. My husband teach her exactly how to piece the pipeline from some fresh thyme together a last-minute addition, and our dough had actually too much milk so we had to save adding much more Bisquick.

How did they turn out? Well, they were nothing prefer the Gallary household biscuits, but they tho worked. They to be fluffy and also herby instead of crisp and also super cheesy, but my daughter scarfed down 2 as shortly as castle cooled.

It could not it is in Christmas (or almost everywhere close to it), yet it was simply as nice to make our very own version of the Gallary biscuits this week and also teach my daughter exactly how to resourcefully bake through what we had. So, if girlfriend spy Bisquick in digital or actual grocery stores anytime soon, consider picking increase a box so that you deserve to keep ~ above baking prefer we room — even if there’s no flour to be found.

This story is component of our Staying Home series, in which Kitchn editors and also contributors re-superstructure the recipes, tools, and habits that room helping them through the pandemic. As we work-related to flatten the curve, we’re food preparation more, shopping much less frequently, and also looking for the good and the shining as much as we can. In this very disorienting time, here’s what’s maintaining us going.

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