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Here are a pair of additional historical Caroline Minuscule script instances for you to get familiar with the text format and lettering (click top top the images to enlarge lock if the message is too tiny to review here):

Caroline Minuscule photo #1


Source: "Adoption the the Carolingian Minuscule lugged the destruction of plenty of Late roman inn Manuscripts" native (, critical updated might 19, 2016. Last accessed might 23, 2016.

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Caroline Minuscule image #2


Source: Clemens, Raymond and also Timothy Graham. Introduction to Manuscript Studies. Ithaca & London: Cornell university Press, 2007. Picture taken from web page 142. Inscription reads: "10-4 Newberry Library, medieval Manuscript Fragment 3, verso (254 x 155 mm).

Note: every line or crucial section might not begin with one Uncial or half Uncial letter, yet each sentence starts through a Carolingian Majuscule letter, i m sorry is essentially the upper situation version of Caroline Minuscule - another lesson because that a various post!

Caroline Minuscule photo #3


Source: Bischoff, Bernhard. Latin Paleography: antiquity & the center Ages, interpreted by Daibhi O Croinin & David Ganz. Photo taken from "Plate 12." caption reads: Caroline Minuscule, s. VIII-IX.

Note: the continuous spacing in between the words, the use of punctuation, the huge beginning letters indicating the start of a paragraph or new section, and the relatively huge spacing between each heat to permit for sport in elevation of the letters.

Practice the Script

Once you have actually studied the kind of the script and referenced historic examples to gain a general feel for what Caroline Minuscule watch like, girlfriend should start practicing the manuscript on her own. There are countless examples the "Caroline Minuscule" that you can find ~ above the net with a straightforward "Google" search, but not all of those images and videos can be reliable. Right here are a couple of videos that can help guide you come look because that what Caroline Minuscule must look like:

In this fist video clip that i made, i attempt to rundown the an extremely bare basics on exactly how to create the text. You carry out not should follow my instance to the letter, however it must be a useful starting point in creating your own distinct version the the script:

Example manuscript #1

This 2nd example video, entitled "Carolingian Minuscule," gives you a very concise, however useful, example of just how to create the script:

Example manuscript #2

Source: "Carolingian Minuscule Calligraphy" through user Marlo Sudaria. Released on April 12, 2016. Last accessed might 23, 2016.

Note several of the differences here in between my script:

This writer uses a "J," and also a "W". Together I suggest out in my video, it"s approximately you what those letters can look like yet these space some an excellent examples.The writer writes the end a modern minuscule "s", and then one "s" that resembles more of the versions that I supplied in my video.The author does present some of the sports of few of the letters that I suggest out in my video; however, the looks prefer the letter in this video clip are essentially the many "standard" develops that ns lay out in the video above.

In this last example video, the author similarly explains few of the an essential tips and also examples for writing the text:

Example script #3

Source: "Carolingian" by user Reggie Ezell. Https:// Published on February 14, 2014. Last accessed may 23, 2016.

Some points to note in this video:

Again, there room slight variations on the letters; not everyone"s handwriting will certainly be the same!The author brings increase a great point in the start of the video clip that i touch top top in the very first video above: that is advantageous to store your pen pointer at a 30 levels angle to the record while you create the manuscript as this will help you to create that distinctive forward-leaning pen stroke the is a properties of Caroline Minuscule.Notice just how the author starts to conjoin some of his letters, flow from one to another like modern-day script. If you look back to the previously image examples, you will see that the scribes that wrote those messages did something really similar. This may assist you write much faster as friend get much more efficient with practice, and it could also help you to distinguish between words together you obtain a handle for the spacing.

Punctuation and also Abbreviation

As provided earlier, the usage of consistent punctuation clues is a defining characteristic of Caroline Minuscule, and the script is just one of the first ones to usage a variety of complicated punctuation and also abbreviation marks periodically. You can reference the images over for much more hands-on examples of what these marks look at like and also what they could be supplied to indicate, however the image below should provide you a an easy idea because that the type and role of each typically used mark:


Source: Clemens, Raymond and Timothy Graham. Introduction come Manuscript Studies. Ithaca & London: Cornell college Press, 2007. Photo taken from web page 85.

The photo is fairly self explanatory, but the point out are commonly used together follows:

the an initial mark is for a comma.the second mark can be provided for a semi colon, or any other similarly strong stop in the sentence.As indicated in the image, the third mark is provided as a period.Again, together it says in the image, the 4th mark would be used as a inquiry mark.

Try to incorporate these punctuation and abbreviation marks right into your writing as you practice the script.

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Thank friend for analysis my post and I hope that you find every one of the information on right here useful. There room plenty of other resources virtual that you have the right to find, yet be mindful of which sources you depend on as a straightforward "Google" search could get you into trouble in terms of the truth of the script. I also encourage girlfriend to view the other write-ups in this blog if friend would prefer to compare and contrast Caroline Minuscule through other types of script or if girlfriend would prefer to learn an ext about the various ancient book-making processes.