The 26-year-old star of plunder Dyrdek's MTV fact shows Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness to be detained beforehand Aug. 5

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Chanel West Coast, star that Rob Dyrdek's MTV reflects Fantasy Factory and also Ridiculousness, allegedly obtained into some ridiculousness the her own on Tuesday night.

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The 26-year-old reality star and also rapper, whose genuine name Chelsa Chanel Dudley, to be arrested in West Hollywood, California at an early stage Wednesday on uncertainty of misdemeanor battery after allegedly obtaining into a fight v a woman inside a nightclub, a police spokesperson called E! News. Her arrest was recorded on video.

Dudley was released indigenous custody later that night. On Wednesday afternoon, she required to Twitter and also talked around the incident. She denied acquiring into a fight with a girl and posted image of it s her sporting bruises, which she claims were brought about by police officers.

I was struck by police critical night for no reason and also have bruises almost everywhere my arms.

? Chanel (
chanelwestcoast) respectable 5, 2015

More bruises native west Hollywood police ????

? Chanel (
chanelwestcoast) respectable 5, 2015

PHOTO: Bitch stole mine look! Ashanti vs. Keyshia Cole vs. Chanel West Coast

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In the edited video, post by TMZ, Dudley is watched wearing a Mickey and Minnie Mouse and also sitting with arm eight bound behind her earlier on a flower bed on a sidewalk talk to two guys wearing marine uniforms, who are crouching by her. A police spokesperson called E! News lock were security guards. She is later seen being moved away in a Los Angeles ar Sheriff's Department formation car.

A police spokesperson said E! News that a person had actually made a citizen's arrest and that Dudley was later on detained and also booked in ~ a police terminal on a battery charge. She was no accused of assaulting one officer. No comment to be made about her physical problem or she behavior.

"I to be violently hosted by 2 large men cops last night for nothing and have bruises all over my arms," she tweeted, alongside photos of she wearing the very same tank top and sporting bruises top top both reduced arms.

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In the video, she is seen arguing with the men.

"I told you you can go house after friend kicked me and also then girlfriend punched me," one of them tells Dudley. "I tried to let you go home. Recognize that. Too late now."

She is later seen informing a nearby unidentified person, "He's being an a--hole...he was being really mean."

"I let you walk home," the male replies. "I gave you the possibility to go home after friend kicked me."

She is then watched pleading with him, calmly, come which that responds, "You're gonna go for bribery now, too?"

"I'm not trying to make you watch stupid," she says. "Can you simply do me a favor? i am a normal f--king girl."

She is later on seen telling the men, "I wasn't kicking and attacking. You sound crazy. I'm sorry, yet like, kicking and also attacking? I've been on TV because that 17 seasons."

"Congratulations," among them speak her.

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 A third man attract what shows up to be a sheriff's room deputy's uniform is climate seen close to them. That asks she if she wants to go home.