There are 4 main personalities in A rose For Emily consisting of Emily herself. Her controlling and overbearing father, Mr. Grierson. Her low-born north love interest Homer Barron who mysteriously disappears. And Colonel Sartoris, the old-fashioned market of the town at the moment of Mr. Grierson’s death. Let’s obtain into the comprehensive A increased For Emily characters analysis!

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Emily Grierson

Emily Grierson is the main protagonist the the story. She is an aged southern belle clinging to the previous while the times and also people readjust around her. She is the last member of an old southerly aristocratic family members in the antebellum South. End the food of the story, she transforms native a young and bright girl to a withered old spinster.

Her father gives her very sheltered life in her youth in accordance v the old traditions. She high status means that no suitor to be ever an excellent enough according to she father. She resides under his thumb, adhering to his rules and wishes till that dies. Emily refuses to believe that she father is dead for 3 complete days before she allows the ministers take it his human body away. His fatality leaves she without any way of supporting herself, with no friends, and no family. She is at first pitied by the townspeople, especially by the older generation who still think in the old traditions, however she is eventually thought about an eccentric worthy that scorn.

After the fatality of she father, Emily starts a romance through a north worker far listed below her station. In ~ first, world find this relationship amusing, yet as time progresses and the connection gets more serious, their mindset changes. Together a northerner of short station, the relationship in between Homer Barron and Emily Grierson is taken into consideration improper. Homer apparently abandons Emily after i beg your pardon she becomes almost fully reclusive.

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Over the next few decades, she becomes a mysterious figure in town, a relic the the past. A vault mayor had actually taken pity top top her and waived her taxes, and when the new politicians strategy her because that taxes she speak them no. She doesn’t let officials put a mailbox on her property and apart from teaching youngsters painting in her 40s, keeps to herself.

A few years after ~ Homer pipeline her, the townspeople an alert an odd smell coming indigenous her house that aggravates over the years. They technique the mayor to look right into things, however out that respect for she station, he does nothing. Once she dies, her house is lastly opened to the public. They discover the 40-year-old corpse of Homer lied in a bed through the indentation the a head ~ above the pillow beside him.

Homer Barron

Homer Barron is a young guy from the north who pertains to town to assist pave the sidewalk. Despite he is of short social status as a northerner, his charm and humor do him well-liked by the locals. The starts escorting Emily to events and also eventually, it i do not care clear that the two of them space courting. Homer represents every little thing the southern isn’t, the doesn’t believe in the old traditions and also he doesn’t believe in marriage. His connection with Emily is disliked by the people, however after 2 year the townspeople just want them to acquire married. It seems prefer Homer chooses to abandon Emily quite than work out down and also get married, however his gruesome fate is revealed only when Emily die 40 year later. Rather than lose another important man in she life, she choose to kill him v rat poison and also sleep next to his decaying body her whole life.

Mr. Grierson

Mr. Grierson is Emily Grierson’s overbearing and also protective father. The believes in the traditions of the old south and also believes the his aristocratic heritage renders him and also his daughter better than everyone else. That rejects every the potential suitors because that Emily due to the fact that none of them are good enough and doesn’t let she have any friends. Emily is therefore dependent on her father that when he dies, she refuses to believe it for three days. Also after his death, a painting of the dominates the parlor, a consistent reminder the her controlling father.

The boy A climbed for Emily Characters


Tobe is Emily’s servant who takes treatment of all her needs. The is the only human being who beginning the home for decades, and as Emily ages and also gets much more reclusive, that starts doing all the the end tasks. The townspeople ask him numerous questions about Emily and also the smell emanating from the house, yet he tells them nothing. ~ Emily dies, the quietly pipeline the town.

The Baptist Minister

When the townspeople get upset about Emily’s improper connection with Homer, they technique the Baptist minister and also ask him to intervene. He speaks to Emily but to no avail.

The Baptist Minister’s Wife

When the Minister fails, his mam calls Emily’s cousins to come and also talk feeling to her.

The Cousins

The cousins room estranged family members native Alabama that arrive after being contacted by the minister’s wife. Though the townsfolk are initially happy at your arrival, they soon become an annoyance come both Emily and also the town.

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Judge Stevens

Judge Stevens is a well-respected member the the community, yet he believes in the old ways. When the townspeople concerned him asking him to inquire about the odor coming native Emily’s house he speak them the wrong to bother a lady the Emily’s status around bad smells.

Old Lady Wyatt

Lady Wyatt was Emily’s an excellent Aunt who died countless years ago. She was taken into consideration crazy and the townspeople believe that insanity might run in the household explaining Emily’s eccentric behaviour.

The Druggist

The druggist gives arsenic in the type of rat toxicity to Emily. Generally, the is claimed to ask what the objective of the arsenic is, yet as a show of respect because that Emily’s station, he doesn’t execute so.

To sum Up

A climbed for Emily is celebrated American writer William Faulkner’s very first short story published in a national magazine. An example of southerly Gothic writing, the is considered one the his finest short stories. The personalities in a rose for Emily by william Faulkner represent the changes in the south after the civil war, through Emily representing the old days and also her destruction representing exactly how those attitudes don’t fit with the modern-day world. Homer to represent the modern-day and evolving North, as execute the brand-new politicians and townspeople that ask Emily because that taxes and to placed up a mailbox. Through the end of the story, Emily is perceived as a relic that the past, a stunner old woman, who lives in a dilapidated but once-grand house.

Though A rose for Emily is a brief story, there are numerous layers to the tale including historical context and also an analysis of the consequences of the civil War. If you need any kind of assistance v A rose For Emily characters analysis or aid with any kind that homework, the professionals at are always eager to loan a hand!