The Situation

Chuck E. Cheese’s (and many other arcades) have actually a game referred to as Skee round where you roll a round up a ramp and also into a hole to knife points. You earn an ext points as soon as the ball goes right into smaller holes. The more points friend earn, the much more tickets you obtain to to buy prizes with. As a bonus, if you knife at the very least 450 points, you success their cool prize which provides you as numerous as hundreds of tickets.

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The Challenge(s)

How have the right to you get 450 points playing Skee Ball and win the cool prize?

Question(s) come Ask

These questions may be beneficial in help students down the problem solving path:

How deserve to you score at least 450 points using nine rolls?What strategy would certainly you use to earn the score?

Consider This

First, part background and assumptions ~ above Skee Ball:

One round of Skee Ball supplies 9 balls. In reality youngsters often throw the balls into an additional lane so periodically you have much more or less than 9. The video game ends when 9 balls go earlier into the machine, therefore throwing additional balls from various other lanes is not an alternative for getting an ext points.Earning 100, 50, 40, 30, and also 20 point out is reasonably obvious as the ball has to go under the equivalent hole. However, as soon as you don’t make it into 100, 50, 40, 30, or 20 points, there is a big curve to record all the fallout’s balls. This curve empties into the 10 point out hole. So, if you miss one the the greater scoring holes, friend will virtually always earn at least 10 points once it drops down.I am assuming cheating (such as in the photo below wherein the kid walks up the ramp and also drops the ball right into the hole) is additionally not one option.The cool prize goes up one ticket every time who plays the game without win the cool prize. So, it could conceivably go very high. As soon as the cool prize is won, it goes back down to 100 tickets so the is tho a good bonus. You additionally win the tickets because that the 450 points.Order doesn’t matter. So rolling 4 100′s adhered to by five 10′s is the very same as rolling 5 10′s and then four 100′s.

This difficulty can be done using just elementary criter to decompose numbers. Alternatively, that can also be excellent using equipment of equations and the graph offers an exciting context. Let’s start an initial with the decomposition.

By asking students, “How have the right to you score at least 450 points using nine rolls?”, college student will need to decompose 450 and also account for the nine rolls. To it is in clear, this is various than the question, “What room all the methods you deserve to score at least 450 points using nine rolls?” that question could send the lesson into a quite dull location where students list every solitary possibility. The two points I expect students acquire out that the first question are that to obtain 450 clues you have to:

roll at the very least one 100 orroll ripe 50′s in a row

With this expertise in hand, it is time to usage Math practice 2 again and bring the context ago to this problem. The paper definition will assist students think around what path to seek next. Let’s explore each of those 2 possibilities:

Rolling a 100 is an alleged to be the hardest as it has actually the smallest hole. If friend aim because that the 100′s every time, you have the right to earn 450 if girlfriend make four out of ripe (~44%) right into the 100. The five that to let go the 100 will certainly likely fall into 10 hole. That provides you 450 (4*100 + 5*10).Rolling a 50 is claimed to the second hardest as it has actually the second smallest hole. If girlfriend aim for the 50′s every time, you have no margin because that error. If you miss a 50, the will autumn into something much less than 50 and also you will not earn enough points.

So usually your choices come under to roll 44% of your balls right into the 100-hole or 100% of her balls right into the 50-hole. What ns hope students realize is that even though 100′s are the hardest feet to role the round into, the is the just strategy that has actually a realistic possibility for to win the cool prize. Looking at the pictures, the difference in hole size between 100 and 50 is not that much, and being able to miss over half of her shots once aiming because that 100 is a really helpful advantage.

In actuality, this is not just theoretical. This case was something i noticed as soon as I was a child and trying to victory the prizes. I found that if I only rolled for the 100s, I might get in ~ least four of my nine rolls to walk in the 100-hole and win the grand prize at the very least once every four or 5 games. Unfortunately, earlier then the best prizes to be a mini-basketball and also a grain bowl through Chuck E. Cheese top top it.

If you setup on dealing with this together a equipment of equations problem, then your two equations (where x is the variety of 10′s rolled and also y is the number of 100′s rolled) are:

x + y = 9 (the total variety of balls rolled have to equal 9)

10*x + 100*y ≥ 450 (the complete points need to be greater than or same to 450)

Using Desmos’s graphing calculator, this provides the graph:


There room several facets of this graph that room worth getting kids to interpret:

The x-axis to represent the variety of 10′s rolledThe y-axis to represent the variety of 100′s rolledThe heat x + y = 9 represents the the total variety of balls should equal 9. In actuality, this is yes, really a discrete collection of points fairly than continuous.The an ar shaded over the inequality 10*x + 100*y ≥ 450 represents total scores that are at the very least 450 points. So, just the gamings where there are at least 4 100′s are going come score at least 450 points.The equation and also inequality crossing at (5, 4). This represents that you could get 5 10′s and 4 100′s and get precisely 450 points.

As an extension to this problem, ns have noted a snapshot of how Chuck E. Cheese’s at this time runs their Skee sphere game. Some noteworthy transforms include:

All that the scores are 100 time higher. The is a proportional adjust and doesn’t adjust anything around the results. You still must roll four 10,000′s and five 1,000′s to gain 45,000 points.That being said, they have actually made the score necessary to victory the cool prize adjustable. In the current picture it is set for 46,000 and also you victory 75 tickets.

What You’ll Need

Child cheating and sign that states “ACHIEVE A SCORE that 450 come WIN” through 139 tickets being the current grand prize.


The old Skee round scoring mechanism was 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100.

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The new Skee ball scoring device is now 100 times higher with 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, and also 10,000.