Movie legend Clark Gable and also rock "n" role king ElvisPresley space at the centre of sensational brand-new claims that they bothfathered secret love-children. The late American gibbs David Janssen, star that the TV collection TheFugitive, is said to it is in the boy of heartthrob Gable. And royal rebel Christina Oxenberg, daughter the Elizabeth ofYugoslavia, claims that her real father was Elvis. Hellraiser and also hard-drinking gibbs Janssen passed away in 1980 age 48. But now his publicist David Olsen has revealed in one interview withUS magazine Star: "David called me he to be Gable"s son and Ibelieved him." His mother, Bernice, additionally dropped hints that the Gone with The Windstar to be Janssen"s real father. A friend of the actor said: "Iguess once you inherit Clark Gable"s genes you"re going to bea hard-drinking stud v an insatiable appetite because that sex." Yugoslav royal Christina Oxenberg, 34, made she extraordinary claimwhen she was quizzed about a persistent rumour that she was really thedaughter of john F. Kennedy. America"s culture magazine W claimed thedark-haired writer - who looks nothing choose her tall, blonde sister,former empire actress Catherine - was caught off security by the question. "I constantly understood my father was Elvis Presley," saidOxenberg. Asked whether she had ever asked her mother to confirm hersuspicion, she replied that Elizabeth never had. The parental poser came as Oxenberg revealed parallels between hertroubled aristocratic upbringing and also characters in her an initial novel, TrueBlue, i m sorry is published later this month. In the book, the heroine Maria is haunted by doubts the she reallyis the daughter of she presumed father. Oxenberg has insisted the her personalities were just vaguely drawnfrom her own family. But she confessed the a crucial scene in the novel,when 13-year-old Maria arrives house from boarding college to discover hermother had actually moved the end without telling her, yes, really happened. Oxenberg, that turned her ago on her privileged upbringing to takea string of menial jobs, was married for five years to Damien Elwes, thebrother of gibbs Cary.

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No cases have yet been made linking the parental of Presley andGable.
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Jun 8, 1997
Robbie on drink, drugs, sex and dying young ...that"s why you"re far better off there is no him, Anna.

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