What happens when a plate delivering oceanic crust collides through a crust moving continental crust?

Describe what happens as soon as a plate moving oceanic late collides v a plate delivering continental crust. Oceanic late is much more dense than continental crust so subduction occurs and also the oceanic plate sink under continental plate. A_____ is a deep valley on floor that develops along a divergent boundary.

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What happens when two plates moving oceanic crust fulfill at a trench?

When two plates collide, the density of the plates determines which one comes out on top. Oceanic tardy is an ext dense than continental crust. Once two plates moving oceanic crust satisfy at a trench, the plate that is less dense dives under the various other plate and also returns to the mantle. This is the procedure of subduction.

What happens when oceanic late collides with continental crust quizlet?

When two plates moving oceanic tardy collide the an ext dense crust sink under the less dense one and also creates a trench. Once two continental plates collide they type mountain ranges and volcanoes. As soon as an oceanic and also continental bowl collide the an ext dense oceanic crust sink under the less thick continental crust.

When two continental late converge both tardy exert a pressure?

When 2 continental crusts converge,both crusts exert a pressure pushing each other. Together the ground rises, a tall landform is created.

What will take place if two plates relocate toward every other?

When 2 plate move towards each other they converge or come together. The collision between two plates that are moving towards each other is called a convergent boundary. The collision results in large damaging earthquakes. Once two continental plates converge the result is the formation of big folded mountains.

What will take place if oceanic and continental crust connect with every other?

When oceanic crust converges with continental crust, the denser oceanic key plunges beneath the continental plate. This process, called subduction, wake up at the oceanic trenches. The subducting plate causes melting in the mantle above the plate. The magma rises and also erupts, creating volcanoes.

What is it referred to as when plates traction apart?

The activity of the plates create three species of tectonic boundaries: convergent, whereby plates move right into one another; divergent, whereby plates move apart; and also transform, wherein plates move sideways in relationship to each other.

What are 2 plates moving oceanic crust collide?


What room the varieties of plate boundaries?1. Divergent 2. Convergent 3. Transform
Describe what happens when: two plates delivering oceanic crust collideThe plate that is much more dense dives under the other plate and also returns come the mantle.

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Which an ar probably has the thickest crust?

The thickest crust wake up beneath mountain belts (orogens) and also the thinnest crust beneath highly expanded crust (Fig. 3).