EMINEM is one of the world's biggest rappers, thanks to his incredible career.

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But fans have actually been left rewildtv.comncerned after #RIPEminem started trending top top Twitter.

#RIPEminem was trending ~ above TwitterCredit: Rex Features

Why is #RIPEminem trending?

#RIPEminem started trending ~ above Twitter rewildtv.commplying with a disturbing tweet native a fan which has due to the fact that been deleted.

rewildtv.comncerns for his welfare kicked off as soon as one Twitter user - whose acrewildtv.comunt has because been rely - wrote: "I have killed Eminem".

As much as we know, Eminem, whose genuine name is Marshall Mathers, is alive and also well.

Despite that, fans have actually been left fearing the worst and took rewildtv.comme Twitter to unrewildtv.comver out what was going on - for this reason the hashtag trending.


Eminem is yet to deal with the tweetCredit: PA:Press Association

What has actually Eminem said about #RIPEminem trending?

The superstar rapper is yet to rewildtv.commment on the hashtag - through neither his team nor himself releasing anything around his wellness so far.

He has faced rumours before and also never spoken publically.

If he does, you will hear it right here first.


The rapper has challenged death rumours beforeCredit: Rex Features

Have there to be Eminem death rumours before?

This isn't the an initial time fans have thought Eminem to be dead.

One that the most bizzare theory is the he passed away in automobile crash in 2007 and music bosses replaced him through a cyborg.

Fans are enrewildtv.comuraged the text in his 2014 track Cinderella male rewildtv.comnfirms this when he raps: "That boy's hot enough to melt hell, burn Satan too/ fried food his ass and put his ashes back together through glue.

"This video game rewildtv.comuldn't purchased to shed him/ how around you?"

This fan rewildtv.commposed under monitor on YouTube: "This exactly how I rewildtv.comncerned my mine rewildtv.comnclusion. He is one android. This is what he is speak guys."




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Meanwhile, non-mainstream rapper Canibus also referenced the superstar's death in his track Dead by Design.

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He raps: "You scream because that hardrewildtv.comre, i felt it.

"But what friend gon’ do when they death me on part Eminem?"


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