We all recognize him together the biggest basketball player of all time. Yet for the past couple of years, a persistent rumor proceeds to haunt his windy image.

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According to numerous internet sites, Michael Jordan had actually invested countless dollars in private prison stocks. Though no a stranger come intrigues and also conspiracy theory himself, this particular news come as a shock come many world of color. After ~ all, minorities consist of most that the country’s prison population. And also private prisons are seen as a contributing aspect for the mass incarceration problem in the US. Predictably, this earned the a backlash native the African-American community.

But before we start hurling hate words in ~ him, let’s step earlier and see exactly how true this rumor is. Here’s what us found about the fact behind Michael Jordan’s personal prison investment news.

Michael Jordan vs. Michael Jordan

Yes, Michael Jordan did certainly invest in exclusive prison stocks. However not the Michael Jordan who’s flying and also slamming balls in hoops. It’s the Michael Jordan that works because that the bureau of ecological Services in Portland, Oregon.

In short, it’s a case of failure identity. They space two world from very different backgrounds that just happen to re-superstructure the exact same name.

So, who specifically is this various other Michael Jordan?

According come the Portland City website, Jordan has a long background of public service in the state the Oregon. That was called as the state’s optimal administrator and likewise played a duty in the john Kitzhaber scandal. Through comparison, he leader a much more private life 보다 his above namesake.


How the Rumors Started

The rumor has been circulated a lot these past couple of years the it’s difficult to tell where it really originated. Despite in most of the articles, UrbanIntellectuals was named as the source.

In 2014, they published an article about Nike utilizing prison labor to make its shoes. Lock equate this to a form of modern slavery because prisoners are only paid a pittance. Due to the fact that Michael Jordan it s okay a many money for Nike’s waiting Jordan sneakers, the report alleges the he indirect invests in prisons.

As with any kind of rumors in the age of digital media, the quickly ended up being a meme. It’s additionally fueled by the truth that countless African-Americans are blaming that for no doing anything for the community.

Even despite media personality Tariq Rasheed clarified this in a twitter article in 2016, the memes continue to spread.

Private Prisons and also Mass Incarceration

The American polite Liberties Union disclosed the the us accounts for much more than 25% of the world’s prison population. This despite the truth that it just shares 5% the the total worldwide population. It only way one thing: the country has a pressing trouble with massive incarceration.

In 2016, an approximated 2.2 million Americans space locked up behind bars. This number proceeds to rise over the critical years. A 2014 human Rights clock report said that the country’s tougher method to crimes filled ours prisons with greatly nonviolent offenders. Many of them to be convicted the a drug offense.

The ever-increasing inmate population led the federal government to privatize prisons in the 1980s. Under this, the federal government would pay a exclusive contractor for every human being that it s okay locked up. Enterprising individuals jumped in ~ above the opportunity and built jail spaces. To to fill them up, exclusive prison suppliers lobbied for tougher crime punishment. It resulted in the country’s current version of a justice system.

Under the private prison system, several situations of abuse to be reported. Amongst them room prison labor, expensive jail calls, food shortages, and understaffing. With these, we deserve to understand why the civilization is hating on Michael Jordan for something that deserve to only be construed as nothing more than fake news.

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