With all the talk around loving yourself, you’d think that celebrities would begin hopping in on this new movement. Yes, there’s Alicia keys with the no-makeup look, Jennifer Lawrence v being vocal about not acquiring a diet, and also Demi Lovato being open around rehab. Some numerous celebrities have adopted and shared their imperfections with the rest of the world. However, no everyone has adopted their imperfections and accepted their herbal looks. As soon as it pertains to skin color, there’s no denying the the remainder of Hollywood still choose to have actually lighter and fairer skin. Whether it’s skin lightening or bleaching, having fair skin seems to be a beauty trend that will not go the end of style anytime soon. Here are simply some that those skin bleached celebrities.

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Top 5 Skin bleached Celebrities

Top 5 Skin bleaching Celebrities


1. Latoya Jackson


Like she brother, Latoya Jackson has actually been rumored to have undergone bleaching treatments to make her skin lighter. While some come to her defense and claim that she has vitiligo, the skin problem where parts of the skin endure depigmentation, a great number that people believe that this is no true. Image of Latoya Jackson have presented that her ended up being lighter in time until the eventually came to be so noticeable that she’s gone through whitening treatments.

2. Nicki Minaj


If you’ve viewed Nicki Minaj’s high institution photos, you’ll be certain that she wasn’t as white as she is now. The young Minaj was a lot darker – comparable to having actually a brown color – when the Nicki Minaj as civilization know she now has a very fair complexion. The singer is additionally rumored to have gone under the knife for her cheeks, breasts, and buttocks.

3. Beyonce


Even the Queen B is no immune come skin whitening treatments. After advocating for real beauty, girl power, and equality, Beyonce is rumored to have used skin whitening products and also treatments to attain the color of her skin currently (which is irradiate brown as compared to her former brown skin tone). Return this seems like a disappointed to she fans, Beyonce has continued to accumulate girls and women alike to adopt confidence and also beauty.

4. Blac Chyna


Although Blac Chyna has actually never yes, really left the spotlight, she is component of the breaking news again thanks to a Snapchat video clip she posted. The video was a short zoom-in/zoom-out snap featuring the celebrity’s fingernails. Fans instantly noticed the readjust in skin tone even if over there is room for filters. Nonetheless, the change in skin shade is for this reason drastic she can already pass for a “white girl”.

5. Nene Leakes


Unlike other celebrities who have actually dismissed the whitening rumors, Nene Leakes has actually been vocal around being proud to it is in a “brown girl bitch” follow to she Instagram post. In a photo she an initial posted, civilization started gossiping about the adjust in she skin color that the actress was compelled to protect herself. Yes, she might have had actually her nose resolved twice, however that doesn’t typical she has additionally undergone skin whitening.

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Even celebrities whom people consider as function models and also having perfect bodies and faces space not immune to insecurities. Part still believe that having fairer skin is much more beautiful and DIY skin bleaching has actually never been an ext popular.