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You’re walking under the aisle at any kind of fragrance counter and you watch dozens that labels. Part say perfume, others room colognes, climate there’s sprays, perfume oils, “Eau de Cologne,” “Eau de toilette” and also “Eau de parfum.”

Confused yet?

If you are, you’re no alone. Fragrances are definitely challenging to navigate, specifically if it’s your first time shopping because that one. For a handy dandy guide, we laid the end all the distinctions below and the terms you’ll need to end up being a understand fragrance shopper.

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Fragrances come in a selection of formats and also concentrations. We’ve laid out the strongest to weakest fragrances because that you and also how long they last. Store in mind these numbers are not collection in rock but are basic guidelines for just how perfumeries categorize your scents. Because that example, over there is overlap in between the arrays for EDP and also EDT.

Perfume oil – 100% vital oils the comes in a roller ball for basic application. They’re smaller and are usually more affordable 보다 sprays. Usually lasts for the entire day. 

Parfum aka perfume  The term comes from the Latin words every fuhum (through smoke). the strongest of this concentrations, consist of of 15-40% (but usually within the 15-20% range) the perfume oils. These necessary oils space what provides the fragrance its actual scent, through the rest of the ingredients functioning to disperse and also lock-in the scent on her skin. Think of it favor proof because that alcohol. Lasts for 24 hours.


“Eau de Parfum” – Eau de Parfum is traditionally genderless and used by both women and men. The concentration is approximately 10-20% concentration. Lasts approximately 6-7 hours. 

Eau de Toilette” – These space the most usual fragrances and selection from 4-15% the fragrance oils. It’s the most typical concentrations for luxury fragrances. Lasts roughly 3 hours. 

“Eau de Cologne” – AKA Cologne has only a 3-5% concentration the fragrance. The term was used greatly in the claims to market towards males and much more musky “masculine” fragrances. Lasts approximately 2 hours. 

Body sprays, human body splashes and also after shaves – Usually consists of only between 1-3% concentration the oil.

Perfume sticks – A more recent application the we’re really right into these days. Our friends in ~ 10 crossby by Derek Lam developed parfum sticks, a perfumed wax version of the brand’s 5 scents. These sticks are great because you gain the full-body that the scent without wait to see exactly how alcohol influence the dry-down the the scent together it evaporates. This is especially convenient for humid days whereby you sweat a lot. To me that looked and smelled prefer a really luxury tiny deodorant stick, and also the scent had a fresh however inoffensive appeal that made the something I’d desire to store in my bag come freshen up.

What rather to look at for.

Concentration is no the only thing the affects how your fragrance wears. Likewise important space the note that comprise the fragrance. What are notes?

Notes are the miscellaneous colors of scents in your in its entirety fragrance. They’re usually damaged up right into three categories: head (top), love (middle), and base notes, which have to do with evaporation time.

Top notes space what friend smell at first as you use the fragrance. Top notes often tend to be solid and apparent, and usually the ones come evaporate and also dissipate the quickest.

Middle notes appear 20 come 60 secs after applying, and base notes arise usually after ~ a minute or for this reason of gift on the skin. Center notes have tendency to be more mellow, prefer floral scents.

Base notes are necessary because, in addition to the center notes, they comprise what the fragrance is going to wear like an ext long-term.


For instance, in Derek Lam’s “Rain Day,” the much more floral middle notes emerge in the dry under and assist to round-out the sharper top notes. The jasmine heart of 10 Crosby’s “Ellipsis” i do not care most apparent as the contrasts with the darker sandalwood. Musky, smoky, and also woody scents often tend to form the base and can continue to be on her skin long after the various other notes have actually dissipated.

On an additional fragrance we tested, Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc, there’s sea coconut base notes that come to be the many prominent, even after that is cardamom oil and also amber notes wore off. This fragrance is especially complicated in exactly how its different notes interact. That smells choose waking up in ~ sunrise on a white sand beach with a new lover, however maybe i’m projecting.


Ultimately, the many important part of fragrance wearing and buying is you.

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scent is a selfish pursuit, really.

When experimentation out perfume you plan on utilizing yourself, that is basically useless to spray the on a piece of paper. This is due to the fact that fragrances smell fully and completely different once applied to her skin. Your body chemistry, namely your pheromones, influence how the ingredient in the fragrance react through your body. One male trash is an additional man’s Santal 33.