I bought the chunky heel lace up platform booties native Charlotte Russe due to the fact that I loved the burgundy color and also I thought it would certainly be perfect for the fall. Ns wore them the end once and the front part of the suede product is already peeling off. Ns am very dissapointed. Certainly not worth the 30 bucks I spent on them. I believe I uncovered a steve madden bootie comparable to it and also that one most likely won"t destroy so easily.

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They"re really cute, but in my opinion they don"t generally last an extremely long. My wedge"s strap add to the heel ripped apart.



The shoes at charlotte russe space really pretty however their not made come wear everyday and most of the shoes space not able to withstand getting wet. Personally I simply wear each pair of pair of shoes I get their with specific outfits therefore they don"t gain worn out.

So, I saw the shopping center one day, and also there to be this vast summer sale. The pair of shoes were only 12 dollars, each, so i bought a few. Honestly, ns didn"t need to break castle in or anything, since they to be so comfy. I have the right to wear lock with most of my wardrobe!

I recently have actually been purchase those really cheap $12 shoes from Charlotte Russe, and honestly i love them! ns bought the plain white knock-off keds and also they look so cute with some of my outfits! ns wear them all the time.Today, ns bought the american flag knock-off keds and also I am now method more excited for fourth of July.

I to buy a pair the strappy pumps I saw online. They to be gorgeous and also I acquired them v a really great discount for the price to be good. Castle looked various when I got them. Virtual they looked darker and also the shiny part was a little bit diluted. In person, the "suede" was more like felt and it was much more like a dark grey and also the shiny component was super shiny. Yet I still liked them since I wasn"t for this reason picky around it. The wasn"t a large deal. As much as the fit... They cut into mine toes and also was really uncomfortable. I believed they would loosen up through time but they tho haven"t. It to be a large disappointment.

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I love this shoes! I"ve had them for around two years and also they"re simply as chic and durable as ever. Their shoes are always affordable and really cute.

If you understand anything around shoes you understand these shoes space a joke. Because that what they room made of the price appears ridiculous.40 dollars because that boots make of felt?The shoes don"t hold up and are made therefore wrong because that a human foot. Therefore uncomfortable.