The game Boy color finally carried color come handheld Nintendo consoles, and it also featured a ton of wonderful games. Yet the video game Boy follower has more than just accessibility to its very own library of games.

Is the game Boy color backward compatible? Yes, the video game Boy shade is behind compatible through original video game Boy titles and also accessories. Original video game Boy games, however, do not display screen in full shade on the GBC hardware. Instead, backward compatible titles screen in the tonal color pension of the player’s choosing.

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For the video game Boy Color, behind compatibility wasn’t just another feature, it was a selling point. Backward compatibility wasn’t something that was to be expected as soon as Nintendo announced the console, but it sure offered them the benefit over the competition. Once the video game Boy shade launched, it had a massive library the original video game Boy games.

But just since the video game Boy color can beat original video game Boy titles, go that median there is no factor to purchase the original hardware now? While plenty of gamers say to opt for the Color, there room other determinants to consider. I m sorry handheld is ideal for you? Well, that mostly depends on each gamer’s personal preferences – however like any kind of hardware comparison, there are pros and cons.

Game Boy color Backward Compatibility: Pros and also Cons



Smaller, much more portable kind factorRequires 2 AA battery (as protest to the 4 AA battery in the original video game Boy)Longer battery lifeMore responsive and vivid screenMore powerful hardware


Slightly smaller display than the initial model

Overview: when it comes down to playing game Boy gamings on the video game Boy shade as protest to the initial hardware, it’s in reality a lot more cut and dry than other backward-compatible consoles. The console is an update in virtually every way; honestly, it’s hard to go ago to the original version after playing on a GBC. What’s not so cut and dry, however, room the various levels the compatible games.

For starters, over there are games that beat on both handhelds yet are intensified on the Color. Recognized as “black cartridge” games, this titles beat on both the original hardware and the game Boy shade – however the GBC offers technical upgrades aside from simply color. The game Boy shade doesn’t just play optimized games, though; the plays its very own library of gamings too.

Known as “clear cartridge” titles, these games will not play ~ above the original hardware. Thanks to technological requirements, the original game Boy is simply incapable of play these games. In fact, the cartridges themselves don’t even fit appropriately in the handheld; they are exclusive come the shade (however, they are playable on particular Game Boy development consoles). And also finally, there room a ton that older video game Boy cartridges the were not occurred to be magnified by the GBC’s technological specs. That is no to say that these gamings don’t look much better on the Color, however.

While video game Boy gamings do not screen in full shade on the GBC, the newer handheld does permit games to be played in different palettes as opposed to the 4 monochrome shades top top the initial console. A special mix of buttons toggles in between a choice of palettes. And while this palettes no the fully-colorized variation of this games, they room (in general) a significant improvement end the monochrome shades.

Not just does the shade offer various palette options, but the console deserve to actually read each individual cartridge and also determine the optimal settings and boots increase the video game with those encourage options. Yet if friend don’t favor the pre-determined option, there room still the dozen other palettes to pick from in enhancement to the original monochrome look at if you’re emotion nostalgic.

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While it can not be backward compatibility per se, the video game Boy Color also enhanced re-releases of few of the original video game Boy’s best games – Tetris DX, supervisor Mario Bros Deluxe, The Legend that Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX, and R-Type DX.

Even there is no the shade improvements, the screen on the color is just an improvement over the original video game Boy hardware. The pixels look at crisper and also it’s more responsive overall. Add in the palettes and the video game Boy Color’s own great library of games, and it becomes a no-brainer.

Speaking the no-brainers, the game Boy color is actually cheaper 보다 the original video game Boy on average. (Prices do tend to fluctuate, however, therefore make certain to examine out each of these respective, continuously updated posts to continue to be up-to-date ~ above hardware costs.)

And lastly, the battery life come in at end 30 hrs (this number can vary depending on the game and also brand the battery). This is nearly twice as much as the initial model and it likewise takes fifty percent as numerous batteries – two AA batteries together opposed come four.

That is no to say the the game Boy shade is without any type of negatives. Because that one, if the screen is much more responsive and also vivid 보다 the initial model’s, it is a tad little smaller. The being said, the distinction in size isn’t dramatic sufficient for many fans to notice without placing the video game Boy color side-by-side with the original.

The last allude we’ll make is that it could make sense to opt because that a video game Boy advancement SP rather of a color or an original game Boy. Breakthrough SP handhelds come in one of two people frontlit or even brighter backlit models and are capable of playing game Boy Color and original video game Boy Games. (For one entire break down of the Advance’s backward compatibility, follow the connect to check out our complete guide.) speaking strictly about the display, the backlit SP is most likely the best method to experience video game Boy and Game Boy shade games today, but make sure to check out the pros and also cons prior to doing so.

Bottom Line: If you’re choosing between the video game Boy Color and also the original video game Boy, we imply going because that the former. The original model is cool and nostalgic with its above design, however the endure is much better on the Color. Top top the various other hand, if you looking in ~ the video game Boy breakthrough it might be worth your while come upgrade and gain accessibility to a backlit screen and also a whole new library of incredible games.