Because the the COVID-19 pandemic, more and much more Americans are having actually to count on EBT and food stamps to obtain by. If you use these and also regularly shop at Dollar General, you could be questioning – walk Dollar general accept EBT and food stamps? 

Here’s what I found out about Dollar General’s EBT and food rubber stamp policy:

Does Dollar basic Take EBT & Food Stamps In 2021? 

Yes, Dollar general is one of numerous US retailers that expropriate EBT, SNAP, WIC, and also food stamps for payment in-store. However, part individual Dollar general stores may have their very own rules regarding EBT and food stamps, so that is best to examine with your neighborhood store to confirm whether you can use them prior to you shop.

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Want to know more about utilizing EBTs or food stamps at Dollar General? check out on below: 

What can I Buy through EBT and also Food Stamps in ~ Dollar General?

According to the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition assistance Program) guidelines that administrate EBT and food stamp usage, they can be provided to buy:

Fruit and vegetables Meat, poultry, and fish Dairy products Breads and cereals Other food, such as snacks and non-alcoholic drinks Seeds and also plants to create edible food 

However, friend can’t usage them to buy non-food items or any of the following: 

Alcohol or tobacco Vitamins, medications or supplements Live animals (except shellfish, fish eliminated from water, and animals slaughtered before pick-up indigenous the store) Prepared foodstuffs for instant consumption Hot food Pet food 

Some Dollar basic stores may have actually their very own rules top top what commodities EBT and also food stamps can be offered on, therefore if in doubt, questioning a store manager for advice. 

Does Dollar general Accept EBT In California, Illinois, and Missouri?

Yes, according to number of reports from help Americans find Help, Dollar general does accept EBT cards at your California, Illinois, and also Missouri places as that 2021.

How perform I Pay with EBT Or Food Stamps at Dollar General? 


To pay through your EBT map or food stamps, walk to the checkout together normal once you end up shopping, and when asked because that payment, swipe her EBT card and also enter its pin code.

Because the SNAP program only covers specific food, girlfriend may have to pay because that ineligible commodities in a different transaction making use of a various payment method. 

Can I use EBT and Food Stamps to Shop online At dissension General? 

No, Dollar General’s perform of accepted payment approaches for online shopping does not incorporate EBT or food stamps. A number of stores have begun trialing virtual EBT use due come the coronavirus pandemic, yet Dollar basic has so much not announced any kind of plans because that EBT use for online shopping. 

Can I use EBT and Food Stamps to Pay because that Dollar general Pickup Or making use of The DG walk App? 

No, dollar General’s terms and also conditions state the EBT and also Food Stamps space not accepted as payment techniques for either DG walk or the Dollar general pickup service.

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If you want to usage these services, you will have to use a various payment method, such together a credit or debit card. 

To learn an ext about dollar General, girlfriend can additionally read increase on your pet policy, the gift cards they sell, and how often Dollar general restocks.

Conclusion: go Dollar basic Accept EBT and Food Stamps? 

Dollar general does accept EBT, WIC, SNAP, P-EBT, and also food stamps in that is stores, but you cannot use them to salary online, in the DG Go application or because that the Dollar general Pickup service. Friend should likewise check that your local store does not exclude EBT or food rubber stamp payments.